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[Ethanol] The rise of the new EMPIRE of RENEWABLE and ECO - FRIENDLY energy.

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The delegates of the condecorated Brazilian nation are here to expose our noble and human - ally position towards a global concern; global warming.

With human populations reaching sky high numbers never seen before, the demand for oil is increasing for every new born child. More oil will only lead to more pollution and dependency. If we follow this trend the world will become a filthy place, oceans will turn green, animal populations will be wiped out, tornadoes and other natural disasters will kill millions, various cities will cease to exist, ect ... And when the fossil fuels are gone, humanity will have no other way of powering themselves up, leading to extinction.

Wait! If we could stop this right now? Heres where our modern nation steps in! Ethanol, a renewable , and eco - friendly energy type is here. We, as the worlds top producer/exporter have the experience to give the tell other nations they reduced pollution from many of our social - economic sectors! Cars for example, by creating a law that issued all fuels sold in our territory had to be a blend with at leats 22% of ethanol lowered car emissions by a considerable amount! Also, the production of fuel with Ethanol lowers the gas emissions by up to 86-90%.

Ethanol is the stairway for human energy in the future, and we are sure our fellow south american nations will share our vision.

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The U.S. and Brazil are the Western Hemisphere’s top ethanol producers. Colombia has become the second largest ethanol producer in Latin America in the past few years. Colombia began producing ethanol in the end of 2005 and produced an average of 277,380 gallons per day in 2007 (less than 1.5 percent of Brazil’s current daily production). It is evident increasing ethanol production will retard global warming, decreasing pollution.

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3 Ethanol on October 19th 2009, 23:37

The delegation of Argentina understands the importance of ethanol as a renewable resource, however the countries of Brazil and Colombia are inconsistent with the argument, since it is more than proven that ethanol is not as "eco-friendly" as it is said to be.

"Ethanol is not environmentally safe. Oxygenates such as ethanol may reduce emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but can also result in increased emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a main precursor of smog pollution: and ethanol-blended gasoline can lead to increased emissions of acetaldehyde, a toxic pollutant." -

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Argentina_Marcos wrote:"Ethanol is not environmentally safe. Oxygenates such as ethanol may reduce emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but can also result in increased emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a main precursor of smog pollution: and ethanol-blended gasoline can lead to increased emissions of acetaldehyde, a toxic pollutant." -

agree more with the Delegation of Argentina. The delegation of Venezuela is not
aware of the proposal the Brazilian Delegation will bring in line, but the Delegation
of Venezuela believe that between petroleum and ethanol, petroleum should be
the most reliable. Because first ethanol that comes from sugar or corn
plantation could be use to help end hunger in the world and second because
ethanol also can be made through petroleum, but its a very expensive process.

The Delegation of Venezuela believes that ethanol should mainly be produce
through petroleum, and by industrialized nation that can afford it.

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Brazilian Delegation, will your resolution talk about ethanol only in Brazil? in the Americas?

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I agree with everything the delegation of Brazil said. Ethanol should be used allong with the others alternative energy sources, so that the world can be cleaned up more rapidly.

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Delegate Val, as Brasil is an influent and worldwide nation, it's evident our ethanol resolution will regard not only the Americas, but the whole world!

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8 Truth on October 26th 2009, 21:09

The delegate of North Korea agrees with the delegation's of Venezuela opinion that ethanol is not an enviromentaly friendly or humane fuel as estated by the state of Brazil. The production of the sugar cane uses up space that was before alloted for the production of food or cattle: Furthermore, this is not a definite solution to the energy production agencies as the soil will soon be depleted by the farmer's uncaring harvesting and overproduction. For these reason the delegation of North Korea urges all nations to pursue other forms of energy conversion...

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Delegates of the American caucus,
I would like to introduce the series of problems that the maintenance of petroleum will futurely bring to the world. Representing Brasil and through this, ethanol, I would like to get the delegates informed about the following:
Petroleum is a non-renawable resource. This fact will bring a variety of problems not only to the American continent but to the world.
Problem #1: As petroleum rapidly decreases with the increase of the population, the price will increase highly, hurting the populations of the world economically.
Problem #2: With the lack of petroleum in a close future occurs, conflicts between nations claiming the product will bring more wars and unsafety to worldy citizens.
Problem #3: As we all know, global warming is a serious deal and is threatening our planet. Petroleum usage will only add to that problem, increasing Co2 emissions for every new car or company created.
Çim nois pode!

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10 ... on November 2nd 2009, 17:16

The delegate of North Korea is sadened to see the delegation's of Brazil complete disregard to others arguments... Your delegation has simply estated to consider petroleum a threat to the enviroment; but as already previously declared by other delegations ethanol poses an equal threat! Why change six for half a dozen?!

For this reasons the delegate of North Korea proposes that every nations engages in other forms of electricity production such as eolic, hydrogen, solar or even nuclear...

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The delegate of Brasil would like to emphasize it's appreciation with the support from Colombia and Chile.
Now regarding the arguments of Venezuela and Argentina;
"however the countries of Brazil and Colombia are inconsistent with the argument, since it is more than proven that ethanol is not as "eco-friendly" as it is said to be. "
First of all, it's already a trend, for human beings to criticize the unknow.
Arrogance + Lack of Knowledge = Ignorance
We all know the oil - pretroleum industry is one, if not the largest industry in the world. It's a walking stick for many nations ... It wouldn't be in the dire interest of these powerful nations and personalities that various studies suddenly appear saying the truth that ethanol is "greener" than gasoline. Do you know where the money for the scientist that came with these conclusions is coming from? Who's sponsoring his other researchs? Well, I dont know, but it's a nice way of thinking about this.
"Because first ethanol that comes from sugar or corn
plantation could be use to help end hunger in the world "

Eatbles/Drinkables that come directly from sugarcane: garapa juice, raw sweetner know as Mollasse, brasilian national famous treat rapadura, raw ingridient for rum, syrup.
These aren't really the every day food a human being needs to survive so this part of your argument can already be striken out.
Corn in the other hand really is a populations feeder , but Brasil's plantations are mainly of sugarcane.
"The Delegation of Venezuela believes that ethanol should mainly be produce
through petroleum, and by industrialized nation that can afford it."

The process of creating ethanol through petroluem is unfortunately widely used, but it only increases greenhouse gasses emissions during the process and helps ending petroleum.

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The delegation of Brasil would like to state that it does not want to eliminate petroleum or immeadeately subsititute it for ethanol. What the delegation of Brasil wants to propose is that countries from the American caucus to start and ethanol program , in order to have an alternate source of energy, since petroleum is a non-renawable resource and will eventually cease to exist. The population in each of the american countries will not be able to afford buying petroleum as its price considerably rises due to its scarce amount. What we want delegates, is to be prepared for what is inevitable.

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Its proven that that corn-based ethanol is actually worse for the enviornment that conventional gasoline

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The Brasilian Delegate feels dissapointed the Venezuelan Delegate could only come with this short and filthy reply to my immense web of consistant and aknowledgable arguments.

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"The production and use of 9 billion gallons of ethanol in 2008 displaced the need for 321.4 million barrels of oil. It also saved American consumers and taxpayers $32 billion, an average of more than $87 million a day. This is the equivalent of eliminating oil imports from Venezuela for 10 months, or looked at another way, it would mean that the U.S. would not have to import ANY oil for 33 days. "

Delegate of Venezuela, it is clear that your country is benefiting with the exports of petroleum bought from Venezuela to the USA. It is also clear that Venezuelan government will lose money if the Ethanol program is launched, so now its more than clear that Venezuela is not thinking about the world, but on itself and its own gains. Brasil would like Venezuela to consider joining this program for assistence provided by both Brasil and the UN will be conceeded and Venezuela will not stop exporting petroleum, what will happen is an alternate form of fuel will be spread in the world.

In order to convince you, delegate of Venezuela, I have a list of benefits to the world that starting an ethanol program would bring:

1. Ethanol is a renewable fuel - meaning it could be planted and it will never end, while petroleum is finite and will bring a variety of problems later on, including rising of prices and wars.

2. Ethanol reduces pollution - using ethanol as a motor fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 46%. Using just 10% ethanol in your gas tank reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 19%.

3. Ethanol does not pollute water - surely the delegate of Venezuela has seen a case of an oil ship leaking and the petroleum polluting the water and killing a vast number of sea animals. Ethanol does not contain that risk since it is biodegradible and does not pollute water, being safer for the environment.

4. Ethanol is cheaper to produce than gasoline - not only it is but as petroleum amounts decrease, its price increases, while ethanol will remain in a constant price, being it a renewable resource.

5. Ethanol is easy to establish (switch to) - It costs only U$ 30 to convert a car motor to a flex (dual fuel) motor. Is there more to be said?

6. Ethanol will end our "dependence" in oil - not only an alternate kind of fuel will be created but a substitute will be ready for when petroleum ceases to exist.

7. Ethanol could be produced by anything - Mainly ethanol is produced by corn or sugarcane plantations, but today's technology has trespassed all barriers and ethanol can be created even from petroleum itself;

This serves for all the delegates, but the delegate of Brasil is anxious to hear Venezuela's response, we want Venezuela to ally in our Ethanol program, so delegate, please reconsider your facts and decide to vote in favor.


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Delegate, I, the delegate, am afraid Venezuela's position wasn't stated cleared
enough. Corn Ethanol is more harmful, to the environment, than petroleum. The thing
is petroleum, while being used as a fuel, emits more CO2 than a when a
automobile is driving by ethanol, however in the production corn ethanol, and
corn ethanol only, more CO2 is emitted than when people are driving
their cars, besides corn ethanol takes a lot of energy ... which worries
Venezuela's government in particular, since its energy system is about to crack

In the other hand glucose ethanol and ethanol extracted from petroleum, since
to be a good solution for the developed countries. Sugar ethanol is less
harmful to the world not only when the car is in motion, but when the ethanol
is being produce. We all know that petroleum is the main source of CO2 emitted,
but petroleum is a product affordable to every nation in the world ... and by
urging developed nation to use ethanol extracted from petroleum will be simpler
and more reliable.

The only thing that worries Chavez is the food prices that are increasing - not
Venezuela's economy as stated by one of the Brazilian delegates - Brazil is a
very powerful country that export food to developed countries and several
undeveloped, if ethanol from sugar cane took over petroleum it may harm, not
Brazil and most likely not Venezuela, but it will harm undeveloped nations such
as Haiti, Honduras, Guinea, and many other.

Hugo Chavez support the Brazilian ethanol, because it come from the sugar -
meaning it doesn’t harm the ozone, and Venezuela understand that petroleum will
end and there must be something like ethanol to replace it. But the world is
currently in financial crisis and high food prices will not help. The world
should take little steps towards glucose and petroleum ethanol, and thousands
step back away from corn ethanol because is captures the worst of petroleum and
the worst of sugar ethanol - meaning it increases food prices and emit CO2 to
the air ... plus its uses a lot of energy.

For what the delegate of Brazil is stating, the delegate of Venezuela believes
that it will position itself in favor of Brazil's ideas.

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Delegates of the American Caucus, today, I bring to you the solution.
Analyzing the arguments given by the delegates on this topic, I truly believe that you guys have never heard of what I'm about to say. I'm rather surprised, by how come such an easy and important solution haven't travelled the Atlantic and reached over your lands. This only implies and support the fact that South American countries does not seek growth, development nor are interested on deeply researching solutions related to their issues. No more fluff talk...I present to you: GEOTHERMAL ENERGY.
As everybody knows, except you guys, geothermal energy is the energy stored in the form of heat underneath the solid surface of the Earth. Scientists recently discovered that this kind of heat CAN be used as a way of proving RENEWABLE ENERGY and the most important thing: IT DOES NOT HARM OUR PLANET IN ANY WAYS. Geothermal energy is particularly interesting when it comes to generating electricity as it is available AT ALL TIMES, no matter of the season, weather or climatic conditions. Geothermal heat has been proving to be one of the world's richest sources of renewable energy. Every country in the European Union is already using it. Reviewing: It does not take space like corn production does, therefore will not diminish the production of other food. It is renewable. It is available at all times. I'll take the words said by the Brazilian delegate and rewrite it with a change, so it will not only apply to the delegate of Venezuela, as he meant to, but to all of the countries here present:
I hope you guys make a good use of it!

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Yes, delegate of Germany, it is renewable, safe, and abundant energy - however, it is not efficient. Geothermal power plants do not provide anywhere near the same amount of energy a nuclear power plant or a hydraulic power plant provide. Thus, geothermal energy alone is not capable of supporting the entire world all at once. However, the United States agrees with the delegate of Germany, geothermal energy is a useful resource and should be investigated by South American nations.

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Delegate Lucas, thank you for supporting my opinion and helping these South American countries find their way into prosperity. I just would like to add that geothermal energy as you said, cannot support the entire world at once, that is true, but it is also true that only a few nations make use of it. What if all nations start to use it? And one more thing, you said that geothermal power plants does not provide the same amount of energy as a nuclear or hydraulic power plant, that is indeed true, but i disagree with you when you say it is not efficient.
nuclear power plants = more energy + harmful to the environment
geothermal power plants = less energy + not harmful
MANY geothermal power plants = same amount of energy as nuclear power plants + not harmful

Have you guys heard the expression: "Bang for the buck" ?
Considering the current situation of our world, and i'm talking about global warming... i'd really recommend countries to start investing on the geothermal energy...

See you

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Not only geothermal, but the other alternative energy sources as well should be implanted, because the more alterantive energy sources means same amount of energy and non harmfull to the enviroment.

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Delegates the follwoing link shows USA's position on the question of enviornmental issues and petroleum

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The Brasilian Delegate won't even waste his time discusing with the verminous German Delegate that became part of our honorous forum 1 week before the start of SALMUN. Geothermal Energy can be enough to sustain the cramped German nation , with it's microscopic population. Brasil in the other hand is a colossal land wide nation with a multifarious population. The Delegate wishes the unscrupulous German Delegate returns to the European Caucus to discuss his unresolved , chaotic, problematic issue; immigration.

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The delegate of Brazil recognizes the German Delegate's struggle to find a solution, yet in vain. The delegate of Brazil would like to agree with the delegate of the USA, agreeing with the fact that geothermal power plants will cost a lot of money and will need a vast structure which especially the countries in South America do not possess. The delegate of Brazil is fully convinced that Ethanol is the answer both to global warming and to the extinction of petroleum. The delegate of Brazil would like to remember that when gasoline is over, it would be impossible for geothermal energy to fuel the cars. The delegate of Germany found a good point, but did not spend a little time investigating both his own point and ours. I wish for a fruitful debate and I hope you can resolve Europe's cronical problem of immigration.

Condolences, Brazil

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Delegate Gabriel, please refrain from using inapropriate and offensive words on the forum. At least it could be acceptable if you didn't use a thesaurus online to find these unsuitable terms. Now, going back to the problem, i'm going to paraphrase the delegation of USA "...geothermal energy is a useful resource and should be investigated by South American nations.".
South American countries doesn't have the money to invest on this kind of energy, that is true delegate Rodrigo, but, isn't this what the UN is for? I'm sure that if your resolution requested such financial support, and it passed, the UN, together with other organizations, would be glad to assist these countries. Also, it is true that geothermal energy can't be used in cars, but they can be used to provide energy to almost everywhere else.


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Delegate of Germany, are you aware that Co2 emissions that come from cars covers over 38% of the total Co2 emissions across the world? (44% in the USA) It is the greatest individual polutant from all machinery and substances in the world. It is true that geothermal power plants would "help" diminish the effects of global warming, but will it really make a difference if the fuel for cars is not able to be created by it? And not only that, what is going to be used for your car to work in the future, since geothermal energy does not fuel cars? The delegate of Germany needs to think not only in the population of Germany and Europe (which are small populations). Geothermal plants certainly might be able to sustain Europe for a while, but Ethanol in other case would supply the world. The delegate of Brasil is convinced that the delegate of Germany will change his mind and hopes that Germany votes in favor of the Brazillian resolution, unless the delegate of germany wants to ride charriots to work every day.


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