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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Visiting School Student Representatives

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1 Visiting School Student Representatives on October 20th 2009, 09:56

Bibi, when do we know about the people that are visiting?
I would like to know the topics for the outher countries that will participate in SC, without complete knowledge of the topics i will not be able to prepare, I welcome all of the students of visiting schools, and hope that your topics can be posted soon, we will gladly respond and give feedback to these topics, and i feel that i speak for all of the caucus when we say we are excited to see what questions of you will bring us.

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2 Re: Visiting School Student Representatives on October 20th 2009, 20:05

Jaap, all visiting delegates will have to refrain from going beyond the assigned list of topics I have granted at the section "List of possible topics," however, two additional "questions of" are related to the Somali piracy issue (brief description in the list I have provided) and probably the Honduras crisis will be dealt with by the delegate of Venezuela. Please share any concerns regarding these or any other topic.

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3 Re: Visiting School Student Representatives on October 21st 2009, 21:49

Will there be another resolution under Honduras' recent politcal issues?

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4 Re: Visiting School Student Representatives on October 27th 2009, 14:31

Hi, I'm from Recife, we all got our country roles today and wanted to know whether or not we could come up with our own topics. Good thing Bibi cleared that up, I'll make sure everyone here knows about it.

P.S.: Yes, my resolution is going to be about the situayion in Honduras.

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5 Re: Visiting School Student Representatives on October 29th 2009, 11:18

Hello I'm from Recife and my name is João Maurício. The other two students from my school that are in the SC are Hugo (Venezuela) and Rheno (Iran). Hope to see you guys soon.

João Maurício

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6 Re: Visiting School Student Representatives on October 29th 2009, 18:29

Delegates from visiting schools, please note that though I have opened two further options of possible resolutions for you guys, there is no guarantee that we will be discussing these during the Security Council 2-day session. Actually, it would be more beneficial to your participation in this committee if you would rather choose to write a resolution (which could be merged with that of another country's) about an already existing topic. As chair of the Security Council, I highly recommend that you look further into the topics listed under the "List of possible topics" section in this forum. We will only debate on the crisis in Honduras and Somalia's piracy dilemma if we have time.

By the way, my email is, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding SALMUN in general or the SC caucus specifically. I will be much pleased to help you.

See you soon,
Gabriela Pereira

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7 Re: Visiting School Student Representatives on November 12th 2009, 08:53

Blip Blip,

Are you able to give us the topics of the visiting schools? even if we have a time issue, i would expect them to have a topic prepared... and therefore i want to be prepared on the topic as well

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8 Re: Visiting School Student Representatives on November 13th 2009, 05:12

I could answer that for you,

Iran would be doing

Accountability of War Crimes Committed by Israel
during the December 2008 to January 2009 Gaza Strip Incursion

Venezuela is working on Responsibility to Protect

and Somalia is working on Effective measures to stop illicit small arms trade in Africa.

We got those from the list of possible topics for visiting schools. I suppose they may get nixed or something due to time issues.

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