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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Warning Guidelines

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1 Warning Guidelines on October 20th 2009, 20:26

Warning Guidelines

Warnings are given to those delegates that do not conduct themselves properly during the event. A warning is up to the discretion of the chair (whether that be a caucus leader or the Secretary-General). Warnings are given as needed in order to keep control of the caucus and ensure delegates are cooperating and following the rules of procedure. Warnings will not only potentially hinder the delegate’s performance during the session, but it will also be reflected negatively in their academic evaluation by the faculty evaluator.

The warning process consists of three main steps. An initial warning is given to a delegate for his first misbehavior. If he or she commits another one, the caucus leader or Secretary General may apply a second warning with a harsher intonation and threats of expulsion if misconduct continues. If the behavior persists, the delegate will be given a third and final warning, which will consequently result in their expulsion from the caucus or General Assembly for the rest of that session.

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