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Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue

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1 Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on October 21st 2009, 08:33

The Egyptian Delegation has recently discovered the fact that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are supplying the weapons to the Hamas, which are then smuggled into Egypt and as a result into Gaza.
If we want to stop this arms smuggling, the problem has to be eliminated at the very root, which in this case would actually be Iran giving the Hamas the weapons.
The Egyptian Delegation would very much apreciate if Iran would take this into consideration and take action against this issue.
Thank you for your cooperation
Sincerely, The Egyptian Delagation.

Egyptian delegate,
Rheno Formiga from Recife will be registering soon on the forum and will be the Iranian delegate.

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2 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on October 22nd 2009, 12:13

Dear delegate, i would like to renforce, that Iran just not only gives weapons to the Hamas, but to the Hezbollah too, which they support and agree on the distruction of Israel.

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3 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on October 22nd 2009, 18:15

So Does that mean that this formiga person hasn't registered yet? If so, who is posting for Iran?

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4 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 13th 2009, 11:03

Not Sure, just says Iran, no name or anything.

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5 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 13th 2009, 13:34

Iran is a person from recife which doesn't omit his name but the worst thing is that there is no resolution of Iran and no one can attack nor defend as Iran doesn't have main point.

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6 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 13th 2009, 16:49

Alright I'm here, off-character. The poster who is simply "Iran" is not one of our Recife delegates, he must be a member of your chair team that is there to incite debate. I am not the delegate for this caucus, there are two delegates here in Recife assigned to that post. If they haven't registered and participated yet, something is wrong of their part. I'll check with them.
Now on-character:
The delegate of Iran hopes that these accusations stem from information found in reliable and unbiased news sources. If that is the case, may the accuser please share them?

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7 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 14th 2009, 16:06

Delegate of Iran, this information was of course found in reliable sources, and it has been proved that Iran is supplying the Hamas with weapons that are then smuggled into the gaza strip.
If you would like to view this information, here is one of the cites I have found this information in:
and not only is it that the IRGC is supplying some of the weaponry, but it is also training people, to terrorists activities such as stated in this site:

"4. A new
development that has only begun in the last three months is the
organized departure of large groups of operatives from Gaza for
military training in Iran. Egypt permits their transit to Tehran, where
they are trained by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in a
wide array of terrorist activities, like the production of rockets and
road-side bombs, as well as in basic military training. In late
September, a group of 100 operatives who completed their exercises in
Iran was permitted to cross the border back into Gaza, despite strong
Israeli protests.

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8 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 14th 2009, 21:57

The first blog's source is a UK Times article. The article itself cites as a source for these allegations and claims documents and statements produced by the US and Israeli government.

The second blog is citing a letter between an Israeli politician and a US senator. Must I continue?

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9 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 15th 2009, 12:02

Delegate of Iran, if every information and point of view coming from US cites or newspapers or news channels were wrong, there would be a very big problem of false information in the world. Of course an Iranian site will not tell the full truth, since it is about its own country. Still the delegate of Egypt took what you said in consideration and
looked for the same information in websites that might be considered
trustworthy for the delegation of Iran. Hopefully you can notice that
the delegate aimed at organization websites, which are HIGHLY indicated
for MUN research. Also, the delegate should bear in mind that reliable
sources are those third-party published sources, in order words, those
that are not particularly self published and involve the participation
and proofreading of several writers. Organization websites are an
example of this process, and should therefore, stand as coherent to the

would be strange if all of this informtion was not realiable, since it
is not just found in one site, but as you can see in many different
ones from many different countries.
Hopefully that was reliable enough for you delegate

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10 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 15th 2009, 12:07

Once again, while the reliability of the sources provided may be unquestionable, all the cited information is provided by US and Israeli government sources. All these articles and blogs point to documents and claims made by the very same governments who seek to deprive Iran of its rights as a state.

Refer to these for some of my sources, at least regarding Iraq.,8599,1737543,00.html

It is all speculation and misinformation.

The delegate shall also add that, if such rigorous accusations, investigations and seizures are being made against Iran, then what should we take from the fact that no similar claims are being made between the US and Israel? There is reason to believe, if not conclude definitively, that the US is consistently providing Israel with weaponry so that they may continue their state terrorism against the people of Gaza.

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11 Re: Iran - Arms Smuggling Issue on November 15th 2009, 12:22

Delegate, the sites you have sent me are talking about how Iran is not sending weapons to IRAQ not that it is not supplying weapons to the Hamas. So please do not try to change topic. I have proved here that weapons are passed from Iran to the Hamas, from quite a few sites, from quite a few contries too, and I would not think that all of this information is being made up, since they all agree on one topic: Iran supplying the Hamas with weapons. I do not believe they are all just making this up for the fun of it...
We are going off topic with this reliability issue, seen that there will always be countries to disagree with the accuracy of every information presented. The delegate of Egypt supports your arguments presented about Iraq, but bear in mind its Iran we are discussing about, and the topicis: Iran supplying the Hamas with weapons.

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