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SalMUN 2009

This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Categories and Sections of the Forum: what they are and what they are here for

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This topic will hopefully help you to get an understanding of the diverse SalMUN Forum's sections

The SalMUN Forum is divided in three categories, themselves divided into several sections:

SalMUN 2009

This category is where delegates can get all they need to know about our SalMUN conference and to prepare efficiently for it. Check it out quite of ten to keep track of the last news about SalMUN 2009 Conference!

Agenda and Announcement

deadlines, conference dates, planning, important messages for all delegates from the Chair and/or MUN Directors, ect...

Articles and Resources

The MUN Directors and the Chairs may point out articles from The Economist and others, as well as interesting websites to guide delegates by highlighting important news.


This category aims to gather delegates from the same caucus together: this is where delegates introduce their resolutions, try to convince other delegates to support their resolutions, state their country's position regarding a given topic, in short, lobbying ... As you may have noticed, your Chairs' names appear nearby your Caucus' section: they all areawesome people to whom you may ask for help by creating a new topic with your issue. In short, delegates from a regional caucus must check their section quite often to create and respond topics of discussion and keep the debate's heat! Don't forget that the forum is an opportunity for you to have a preview of what regional caucus' debate on main issues will look like, you may want to put some time and effort in it

Security Council

President: Maria Gabriela Pereira

UN Refugee Agency

Chair Luisa Santos-Pereira
Co-Chair Nabiyah Bashir


Chair Gustavo Amorim
Co-Chair Pedro Texeira


Chair Chiara Valicenti
Co-Chair Maiane Sousa


Chair Paula Mascarenhas
Co-Chair Milla Goldenstein


Chair Raphael Leitz
Co-Chair Carlos Luz

Middle East

Chair Raphael Chalhub
Co-Chair Eden Mantel

Help and Support

This category aims to help forum members to use the SalMUN forum efficiently. I am committed to answer every single questions you may have concerning forum using, so don't hesitate to create a new topic with your questions in the section ~The Golden Rule~

~The Golden Rule~

Frequently-asked questions, basic rules, tips, bugs and problems, lost passwords and usernames, users' questions, ect ...

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