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Immigration information

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1 Immigration information on October 27th 2009, 16:43

All delegates of all caucus,

I would like to inform you about the important issue
concerning immigration. This is an issue that not only the European caucus is
dealing with but also the American caucus has a big influence. More specifically in Spain we are dealing with more than 650,000 illegal immigrants. The Spanish population has even doubled during the twentieth century! As a consequence, the Spanish government is trying to reinforce the borders to put an end to the illegal newcomers. If any other delegate has important information concerning this immigration problem (even if it isn´t in Spain) please post it here.

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2 Re: Immigration information on October 29th 2009, 23:48

From Bolivia alone , Brasil receives 1,500 - 2,000 immigrants every month. During the 90's Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the president at that time, issued amnesty to all illegal immigrants in Brasil, in total about 60,000. The results where all of them could now legally work and own businesses, homes ,ect ... But as time continues illegal immigrants mainly from Bolivia , Peru, and Paraguay get here more and more every month. To solve this matter, Lula, for the first time in his period sanctioned a law that legalizes or gives permanent residence to all illegal immigrants that arrived here prior from Februaru 1st, 2009. In these hard times where the USA is building walls , and Israel isolates itself from the Palestenians, Brasil and President Lula gives the world a proof that in modern times we can live together with different cultures.

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3 Re: Immigration information on November 5th 2009, 09:21

if i am not wrong, germany is dealing with imigration policies, what exactly is these measure?
ps: i have seen that marcelo hasn't posted much yet, and i believe i wont have an answer from him very soon, but can someone tell me what is germany proposing?

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4 Re: Immigration information on November 5th 2009, 09:26

Since Germany will not be replying in the near future,
Russia will respond to Russia... What Russia does not understand is why Germany should be complaining about this topic, Russia being the largest Nation in the world, has various and large amounts of immigration, and if a leading nation such as Russia does not complain, then what is the problem that makes this immigration unbarable to Germany?

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5 Re: Immigration information on November 5th 2009, 11:02

Wait wait! ... is there a german delegate? That's hot news.
Anyway since I'm aware there is a german delegation than my second question is... who is repreesenting?
And... What's the German question of? What is his resolution about? What is he proposing? if any?
I'm sorry Gernamy but I heard that Michael is now a japan delegate I assumed there was no more German delegation.

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6 Re: Immigration information on November 8th 2009, 16:44

Hello delegates,
More than 15,000 illegal immigrants entered europe via Italy. Many of these immigrants come from boats organized by traffickers. They come in Mediterranean Sea from North Africa. Expulsions in Italy have increased 15%.

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7 Re: Immigration information on November 8th 2009, 23:46

Hello delegates!
In Venezuela there are immigration issues as well. As the former Venezuelan president has previously stated "hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of Colombian immigrants are living in Venezuela." Most of these immigrants do not have access to the labor market, due to the need for identity documents.

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8 Re: Immigration information on November 9th 2009, 17:44

These are some very good points delegates! The thing is that Spain is in a way "the door'' to immigration in the whole Europe. This is caused because Spain is the closest point from Africa to Europe. Several years ago, the Spanish government legalized the incoming immigrants unlike the other countries. This made many of them want to stay in Spain while others continued their trip through other European countries.

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9 Re: Immigration information on November 10th 2009, 08:22

Delegates of the European caucus,

Russia is having a population crisis, the population is droping very low compared to the amount of land Russia has, Germany should be happy that it is able to fill up it's country with enough people, for Russia is having problems with this. Germany will need to show a definate problem with this imigration, like Holland has been showing with the problems with overpopulation of Turks in its country. Russia has a straight to the point veiw on this topic, and will not be easily convinced, especialy by a delegate who refuses to post on his own topic. Take interest into this topic Germany, for Russia has.

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10 ahaa on November 10th 2009, 08:29

yes. so what is this resolution about?
since germany hasn´t post anything

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11 Re: Immigration information on November 10th 2009, 08:56

Illigal immigrants reach Europe by sea, through boats rented by human traffickers. Many of hte immigrants come from North Africa and use the Mediterranean as their main route. Expulsions are made but as of late 2008, there were 20,000 foreigners waiting for trials in Italian prisions. In Italy, the immigrants often live behind junkyards and are highly unwelcome, but in other Western European countries, social services are implanted to help give immigrants from South Asia, Africa and East Europe betther living standards.

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12 Re: Immigration information on November 10th 2009, 12:50

delegates, Russia also suffers from immmigration, although in a diferent form. Russia suffers from uder population. Every year the population decreases by 700,000 people due to teh high mortality rates and the low birth rates in Russia, and the number of immigrants that enter Russia dont conpensate for that number.

But russia also knows that there is a bad side of imigration. Immigrants take the jobs that would belong to someone originaly from that country and they also change the culture of our country.
Therefoer russia expects to see a stong and persuasive resolution from germany if it is going to vote in favor, if the delegate doesnt have that resolution, he better be ready for a debate.

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13 Re: Immigration information on November 11th 2009, 10:50

The delegation of Italy would like to know what will be the measures taken by Germany to solve the issue due to Illegal immigration, because the european union is the door to thousands of illegal immigration citizens.

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14 Re: Immigration information on November 11th 2009, 11:31

Delegates, i apologize my absency, and appreciate your attempts to refer to this topic. From now on use this topic to discuss about immigration. Thank you

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