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USA's Resolution

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26 Re: USA's Resolution on November 11th 2009, 09:12

Small arms is a gigantic issue in the worlds, countries don't respect other human otherwise their own countries, buy selling illegal armament to smaller nations with insane heads of state. This is creating major issues in Africa, such as Darfur, Child Soldiers and others.
Inspections should rapidly be placed in region and if something is found even drastic situations have to be taken, (place troops and sanctions) over nations that don't respect all the requirements decided.

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27 Re: USA's Resolution on November 11th 2009, 16:03

Yes, delegate of North Korea, we can implement sanctions not merely suggest them, and yes we can send troops, not merely suggest them. The latter however, requires Sudan's permission, but all we need is to prove that the situation has grown outside SUdan's control, then all nations, bound the Responsability to Protect (R2P) protocol would be forced to act, respecting or not the limitations the Sudanese government tries to impose on us.

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28 Re: USA's Resolution on November 11th 2009, 19:47

Delegate of North Korea, please keep in mind that this council is the Security Council. Enforcing is what happens here. My resolution does not suggest or recommend - it urges, decides. It DOES. The resolution of the United States of America will not work only in Sudan, but in all African nations. The entirety of Africa is being devastated by the effects of small arms. Thus, my resolution deals with not only the inspection of governments and the investigation of small arms trades, but the implementation of peace keeping groups and sending aid to refugees, who have already felt the impact of the small arms and light weapons problem.

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29 Re: USA's Resolution on November 12th 2009, 08:33

The reason Russia is confused is because the UK is making it seem as if USA will be 'baning' arms trade,
and the thought of that attempt makes Russia laugh... Try to fix this misunderstanding with UK... for what
UK wants is blood wars over arms trade... as it stated, fighting with missiles and bullets...

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30 Re: USA's Resolution on November 15th 2009, 19:22

The delegate of Russia is correct. My resolution does not ban (LEGAL) small arms trade.

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31 Re: USA's Resolution on November 16th 2009, 09:01

At the start of these discussions in our MUN, The delegation of Russia thought that it would be another year of Russia against USA, and vice-versa.. Russia os glad to know that the delegations of USA and that of Russia have come to some agreements, and hopes that the debates will represent the discussions here made... For if this is true, the resolutions of both nations will be greatly supported by one another.

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32 Resolution Status... on November 18th 2009, 18:45

Though the proposals in USA's resolution were extremely viable after the amendments the resolution did not pass because of two veto's in the part of the russian delegation and some other permanent nation...

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33 Re: USA's Resolution on November 18th 2009, 20:30

It did not pass, for none of the permanent members voted in favor,
three VETOs by Myself China and France...
and the other two obtaining...

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34 Re: USA's Resolution on November 19th 2009, 17:01

Russia is happy to be able to state that this resolution
was in fact 'VETOed' <--- weird word...

for the resolution became pointless after the major amount of amendments made during SC...
Thanks for trying USA...

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