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Gas Agreement

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26 Re: Gas Agreement on November 4th 2009, 12:46

Russian delegate,
What is Russia going to do to make Ukraine return 800 Million dollars? It will actually be difficult for them to return the money they stole, the first thing to be done would be the immediate creation of a project to create a new pipeline that doesn´t pass through Ukraine, enter in an agreement with the European Union for the creation of new laws for the gas agreement and if Ukraine doesn´t enter in a consensus with the rest of Europe for stealing the gas, by returning ALL money stolen, immediate measures should be taken.

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27 Re: Gas Agreement on November 4th 2009, 18:49

delegate of france,
i'm not making Ukraine pay 800 million, im making them pay a lot more, as a fine for all that they have done with our gas so far, money that will be shared between the effected European Nations. 800 million is the price of the new gas pieplines that i am already proposing. Ukraine will no longer transport our gas with the new pipelines, so dont worry, our gas will reach your contry safely if this resolution passes

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28 Re: Gas Agreement on November 9th 2009, 10:06

Delegates, A study guide about this issue will be posted in the forum. It will help the majority of the delegates understand their position and provide a neutral description of the conflict.

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29 Re: Gas Agreement on November 15th 2009, 22:58

Italy is in favor of this resolution and would like to state that Russia and Italy have signed an agreement to get the South Stream project of natural gas running. Russian natural gas and Italy’s energy ENI signed an agreement in May 15 on the development of the South Stream natural gas pipeline.

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30 Re: Gas Agreement on November 16th 2009, 09:19

The delegate is continuously surprised by the comments that the USA delegation makes... Being that the USA is again chosing cost over efficiency, this shows just how the Russian delegation thinks of everybody and not only over its own pocket... USA try to reframe from hurting your own image...

thank you

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31 Re: Gas Agreement on November 16th 2009, 10:15

Russian Delegate,

The North Korean Delegate is in favor of this resolution.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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