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Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup

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1 Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on September 29th 2009, 19:28

Hello delegates from the American caucus!
As you might be aware of, the governmental crisis in Honduras is something preoccupying to Latin American countries as well as to the international community. The big question here is "what can be done?" and to answer such, you must first look at your nation's position towards this military coup, here are a few useful sites indicated to some delegations:

Brazil -
United States -
Cuba -
Venezuela -
Colombia -

Any questions regarding this topic, I will be available tomorrow after school from 2:30-4:00 in Ms. Garrett's room!

Sincerely yours,
SC chair

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2 Re: Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on October 8th 2009, 16:47

It is now confirmed that the delegation of Venezuela question of will regard Hondura's current political issue.

Venezuela urges all country to support Venezuela's resolution, which consist of returning Honduras DEMOCRATIC president Manuel Zelaya (yes, Venezuela stand by the DEMOCRATIC party in Honduras, even though it dosen't believe democracy is the correct way to go)who was forced out of power in June 28 by, the current Honduran president, Roberto Micheletti and the Honduran coup.

Manuel Zelaya sneaked back in Hondura's capital and is now in the Brazillian Embassy, which have suffered acts and is currently with no water and energy. The Delegation of Venezuela is fully aware that Manuel Zelaya's life was threatend by Micheletti's government.

Venezuela is deeply concerned about the issue, the un human state of the Brazillian embassy and the vague participation of Colombia, who stated that stand by Zelaya, but actions' show not.

The Delegation of Venezuela is hoping for peaceful actions and moral results.

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3 USEFUL ARTICLES on October 14th 2009, 21:20

Take in consideration this articles that state the position on LA countries, and the unfortunate act of the Colombian government.

( Colombia recklees reaction to Honduras crisis )
( Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Bolivia and Uruguay speaking about the issue )
( Security of the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras )
( Guatemala, Panama speaking about the issue )

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4 Article on October 14th 2009, 22:27

This article gives us a brief but interesting overview of the latest happenings in Honduras.

Take a look


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5 Re: Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on October 17th 2009, 23:21

The coup in Honduras is a boiling topic in this year's MUN.
The delegation of Honduras is coming from another school. However that does not mean, under any circumstance, that the delegations of this caucus should be underestimating the issue. Manuel Zelaya remains under the protection of the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras. More than a question of unconstitutionality, this is becoming a question of sovereignty, leading to a rather huge diplomatic incident.

The International Community is eager to know:
- Why would the Brazilian Embassy have interest at protecting Manuel Zelaya?
- Is Brazil willing to give a coherent explanation about what is going on?
- Is there any nation in this blessed caucus worried with this crisis?

As the Caucus Leader of the American Caucus, I demand at least one consistent post on this issue, from every single delegate of this caucus. Take advantage of the innumerous articles kindly posted by the President of the Security Council, Secretary General and delegation of Venezuela.

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6 Re: Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on October 18th 2009, 09:57

ChairAmericas_KiKi wrote:Delegates!
- Is Brazil willing to give a coherent explanation about what is going on?
- Is there any nation in this blessed caucus worried with this crisis?

The Delegation of Venezuela is not the delegation of Brazil, however it can give a brief explanation of what is occurring in Honduras.

The democratically elected Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, was currently in power when the military coup expelled him from the country by waking him up in June 28th's morning and demanding he left to Costa Rica, or his life would be taken. The coup leader, Roberto Micheletti replaced Manuel Zelaya, while Zelaya together with Lula found a way to sneak him back in the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras. Zelaya has never left the Brazilian Embassy even though the power and water were shut off, because the laws protecting the embassy are the one's protecting Manuel Zelaya's life. Without a vote, Ban Ki Moon and the General Assembly agreed upon canceling Honduran's election that were planned to occur in Nov. 29 and a resolution was passed in early October which stated that Micheletti should peacefully hand back the power to Zelaya, instead Micheletti demanded Zelaya to turn himself in or the military coup would invade the embassy. Honduran airport is closed and the Brazilian embassy has suffered soft toxic bombs attacks. Venezuela want to bring Zelaya back to power before the issue turns into violence.

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7 Re: Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on October 18th 2009, 15:13

Thank you delegate of Venezuela.
Apparently the delegation of Brazil is not willing to contribute to the discussion.
Keep in mind posts are being checked and graded tonight.

Adding to the summary given by the delegate of Venezuela, here is a timeline of the occurrences in Honduras over the last five months.

This other article talks about the position of some Latin American countries on the Coup in Honduras

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8 Re: Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on October 19th 2009, 16:37

Colombia_Gabriella wrote:

The delegate of Venezuela just stated “the unfortunate act of the Colombian government“ but disregarding media Colombia clearly knows that the president, Alvaro Uribe, was simply trying to settle an agreement between him and the Micheletti government. Colombia does not believe that through a military invasion to take them off power Honduras will come out to be successful.

Delegate, if Uribe only has good intensions toward this issue why there wasn't a press release? The fact is Colombia and Micheletti are hiding what was discuss in the meeting, and Colombia's biggest ally is against Zelaya making it more obvious that Uribe has no positive intensions towards the president. And the delegate must be aware that Venezuela doesn't believe in millitary invasion as well, thats the whole purpose of the resolution - peace.

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9 Re: Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on October 21st 2009, 21:09

For all of you delegates that heard US was supporting Manuel Zelaya and democracy in Honduras:

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10 Re: Zelaya, Honduras and the Military Coup on November 8th 2009, 22:30

Delegates, we must face the challenges that the people oh Honduras are facing today. Many civilians are suffering under the coup government of Micheletti with their civil liberties and political rights deprived. This coup government must end and democracy must be restored. That doesn't meas though that the US supports ZElaya. The US believes that Zelaya commited errors during his presidency but wishes the best to the citizens. Zelaya and MIcheletti should stop fighting and agree on a proposal. mIcheletti should also stop threatening the BRazilian embassy. The US believes in the San Jose accord, and urges all nations to do the same.

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