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North Korea's nuclear threat!

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1 North Korea's nuclear threat! on September 29th 2009, 19:50

Hello delegates of the Asian committee!
As you must be very much aware of, North Korea has once again dismissed the efforts of the international community when disregarding the latest Six-party talk agreement over its nuclear weapons program. Regardless, in order to properly understand the apparently disturbed mind of Kim Young II and how the North Koreans have been building up their nuclear capacity to reach the status of "nuclear threat" we must go back in time. While I was searching down a few historical backgrounds on NK, I found this much useful timeline which served me well in helping me understand the questions of "why" and "how" that pop in our minds when thinking about the North Korean nuclear arsenal.

By the way, I will be available every wednesday from 2:30-4:00 in Ms. Garrett's room for any questions regarding resolutions and topics for discussion in caucuses.

Sincerely yours,
SC chair

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2 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on September 29th 2009, 21:02

EVERYONE should look at this timeline because North Korea is an extremely hot topic at our caucus this year,so everyone should be aware of its nuclear program and its history. Don't research your country only! Think about other countries as well.

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3 more on topics... on September 29th 2009, 22:07

Hello delegates!
As Milla and I said in our first meeting today, we are going to check the topics so you'll have a QUESTION OF by thursday... We will be emailing you tomorrow at most, or we might talk to you in school about it. Remember to always be encouraged to come up to us with any questions or doubts you might have.
Thank-you for the participation of those who attended the meeting today, remember we will be taking note of who's present.

Now, in relation to the topic brought up by the SC Chair, i have found a specific website that gives the history between North Korea and Japan (this will be specifically useful for Japan who we expect to do a resolution on North Korea's Nuclear Program) so here it goes:

We will be posting more soon!
Thank you delegates, and stay in touch!

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4 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 1st 2009, 12:02

Since, from what i`ve been reading, North Korea will be one of the hot topics in the caucus. I can tell that we will do something with the Nuclear Program. If somebody could help me out in what i should do with the Nuclear Program, that would be great.

thank you

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5 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 1st 2009, 18:25

About the North Korean's Nuclear Program, it is good to know about:
- The Korean War (
- The passed resolutions about this issue (1998, 2004 and 2009)
- Six-Party Talk (
- The Missiles that happened this year in 19th June 2009 and in 25th of May 2009
- What they tried to do in the United Nations (

Hope it will help you delegates!

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6 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 1st 2009, 19:47

Is is also helpful to search about the IAEA inspections and documents on North Korea's nuclear programs throughout history! Search on the web to see if you can find any relevant information that can help defend your country's position.

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7 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 3rd 2009, 20:40

It is also helpful to know about the implications of the North Korea Nuclear Threat and its global terms. As the other delegate of South Korea has stated it's helpful to know about the Six Parties Talk that happened in the years of 2003 and 2006 between the countries of China, NK, SK, USA, Russa and Japan and the United Nations Security Council 1874 of this year,2009, and 1695 of 2006.

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8 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 3rd 2009, 22:49

delegates of South Korea,
About the North korea nuclear power issue,
I came across this article that makes some interesting points for
possible solutions, its worth reading even though its a little long...
It mainly talks about the reasons as to why the six party talks have not
been too successfull in the past due to North Korea's unwillingness to keep its promises

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9 i really wanted my resolution on this topic on October 4th 2009, 13:17

hi delegates.
japan is one of north korea's main targets and since i agree that this topic is going to be one of the best in this caucus i feel sorry that i couldnt have it. anyway i will still debate it a lot although my resolution is about tsunamis and earthquakes. good luck for all delegates.

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10 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 4th 2009, 14:46

japan_rafael wrote:hi delegates.
japan is one of north korea's main targets and since i agree that this topic is going to be one of the best in this caucus i feel sorry that i couldn't have it. anyway i will still debate it a lot although my resolution is about tsunamis and earthquakes. good luck for all delegates.

Wait a second, where did you see or hear that we won't have this topic this year? I just hope we have it, well, at least we have a chance.

I think this topic really concern Japan, as Japan and North Korea are not really friends, we would be the first country to feel any atomic attacks. I think this is enough to believe we should have this topic.

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11 to prosper on October 4th 2009, 18:34

our topic is not about the nuclear programm because north and south are alredy doing it. i hope tsunamis is as interesting as nukes.

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12 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 4th 2009, 23:30

I also came along with this website that has information about the NPT, Iran and North Korea. It has a timeline and some basic information so you can start your research about the hot topic of our cacus this year

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13 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 5th 2009, 09:06

hello fellow delegates, I'm Kristian and i was the delegate of Japan last year with this same topic, the threat of nuclear weapons in NK. We tried to abolish nuclear weapons from north korea completly. I know that NK opposes a great threat to Japan considering how close they are to eachother. From what I remember from last year, Japan got pretty upset especialy after those missles were sent in Japan's direction by NK. NK claimed to have been just testing but one of the missiles flew over japan and into the sea and the other missle sent landed in the sea miles short of Japan. Japan emmidatley informed the UN secourity council. : im sure there has been more events since then but this is definalty a concern of Japan, so prosper and rafa...u should look up on this a bit more

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14 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 6th 2009, 15:04

thank you for the info delegate of Pakistan i hope it can be helpful.

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15 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 7th 2009, 17:14


The Delegate of North Korea would be interested to know Russia's political standpoint on the production and testing of Nuclear weapons in North Korea. North Korea would also like to recognize Russia for the support the country gave North Korea in the time of Civil war. North Korea would also like to continue attempts at one on one negotiations with the United States concerning North Korea signing the NPT and North Korea being reinstated in the Six-nation talks.

Delegate of North Korea,

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16 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 10th 2009, 13:21

I think that NK should stop with all this nuclear things, because if they keep like this some country will throw a bomb there... and it will be very bad!!

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17 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 10th 2009, 16:23

The Delegates of North Korea are fearful for Australia at this time. Due to the conduct and process of the last post by Delegate Victor of Australia, North Korea hopes that the post was not meant as a threat in the direction of North Korea. Especially since North Korea is one of the few countries thats holds the power of nuclear technology.

Delegate of North Korea,
Tyler Simpson

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18 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 11th 2009, 12:51

The delegate of South Korea would like to know if the delegates of North Korea already found useful information about NK leaving the NPT and ICC that could help other countries to know more? If some delegate have some of this information, please post it!

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19 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 11th 2009, 13:10

Are the delegates of North Korea aware that NK is planning to conduct another missel test in April of 2010?

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20 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 11th 2009, 13:38

These two articles talk about countries coming together to find a solution to North Korea's growing nuclear program. The first one is about the joint of Japan and South Korea to propose a bargain for North Korea and the second is about China trying to set dialogues between the USA and NK.

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Hello delegates,
these days I read something in a german newspaper about a investment of the Pentagon in a new type of bomb. They want to invest 68 million of dollars.

This new bomb is used to destroy bunkers, which can be up to 60 metres under the earth.

Anyone else heard about this new type of bomb ? The articel of the newspaper is from the 7th October and it's one of german's most popular newspapers.

Here is the link to this articel:,1518,654036,00.html
I think if you use the google translator, you will understand the most important parts of this text

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22 Response! on October 14th 2009, 19:36

Delegate of South Korea,

My nation is not longing to give up its ability to acquire nuclear weapons especially not before your nation requires the USA to remove its troops from the DMZ and nearby regions.

Considering above posts that have misjudged my nation as "unstable" or "a threat"; all of the tests being conducted around my country are for my people's safety and maitainig from the USA's and South Korea's portent which has already devastated my countries economy and are now the increasing agressor in this conflict maintaining one of the largest arsenals in the world at the DMZ.

Regarding my possesion of nuclear weapons: All of my arsenal is being built for the solemn purpose of self defense, so as to, in no way, endanger any population as long as no war is engaged upon my nation.

Considering the above statements it is noticeable that North Korea poses in no way a significant threat to the planet but is, otherwise, threatened by USA's overdominance and arrogance over other nations.

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23 Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on October 14th 2009, 20:12

The Delegation of Venezuela support China's position in this issue.

North Korea, and any other nation in the world, should put to an end any nuclear weapons program that could harm civiliants. However, in the other hand, Venezuela condems the unecessary and high actions token by the United State of America. Sanctions will not end the issue, take for example the situation in Myanmar, after more then ten years imposed by sanction from US and the European Union, the situation in Burma has gotten worst.

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24 ARTICLE on October 14th 2009, 21:46

Dear Delegates,
All of you should take a look at the time line posted by the Sc chair! Please also read over this site:
Here you will find compelling statements about North Korea's efforts to return with six party talks, as well as the Chinese relation to this topic.

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25 TO JAPAN on October 14th 2009, 22:17

Raphael and Prosper,
Keep in mind that tsunamis and earthquakes are indeed extremely important topics! Take a look at this youtube video and stop to think about the lives destroyed in Sumatra, Indonesia.
Remember that just because your country is not writing the resolution, it does not mean that both of you cannot be the most engaged in debating the topic. Further more, as Japan, both of you have the obligation to debate thoroughly! I don't know if you are aware that Japan is one of the most affianced countries, both financially and diplomatically, with the UN (disregarding the P5). I am confident that you are going to represent it tremendously well!


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