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Darfur Crisis

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1 Darfur Crisis on October 1st 2009, 20:41

Delegates, I found a timeline that might help understand what is happening with Darfur. I hope this is useful. Wink

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2 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 4th 2009, 21:37

The delegate of Chad would like to add that the delegation of Chad plans to improve the refugee camp in Chad, improve the AID and try to solve this political issue.

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3 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 6th 2009, 14:07

To the delegate of Chad,

The delegate of Congo is completely aware of this humanitarian crisis in Darfur and entirely supports Chad's stance on improving the matter. It is interesting to recall that the peace agreement between the strongest rebel group and the Sudanese government is rather unstable, as well as the fact that two other rebel groups have refused to sign the treaty. The Sudanese government has also refused to allow United Nations peacekeepers to replace the African Union force. So in some ways, the greatest tragedy in Darfur may not be that it could become the next Rwanda. It is that it could become the next Congo. If the conflict keeps devolving into violence, the death rate in a regional war could expand beyond anything it has been before.

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4 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 6th 2009, 16:43

The delegate of Chad has mentioned solving the political problem; however, this implies favoring either the government or the militias. Does the delegate have any definite stance on the issue? Yes, we all know that both groups have done much wrong by now but political stability means one of these sides is going to be in power... it is quite impossible that they will have any type of joint coalition.

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5 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 11th 2009, 13:36

Delegate of Congo,
The delegate of Chad is aware of everything mentioned. Since the delegate mentioned that the government of Sudan is blocking Aid in Darfur, the delegate of Chad would like to add that the Sudanese government didn’t block all the Aid. It was only a few groups, but these groups were the ones who were making the changes. What is happening is that since the Darfur population doesn’t have access to Aid, they are crossing the boarder and going into Chad for help.

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6 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 11th 2009, 13:48

To the Palestinian Authority
The militias and the Sudanese government are working together. The Sudanese government is kind of “sponsoring” the attacks on Darfur. The Darfur population, seeing that they can’t protect themselves because their own government is attacking them, they end up moving into Chad for help. This issue involves religion and while some countries are able to have diversity in their population, the Sudanese government seams to have difficulties accepting this difference between people. The delegate of Chad would like to clarify that the Chadian delegation is against the Sudanese governmental ideas. They are attacking Darfur directly and Chad indirectly.

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7 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 12th 2009, 14:32

The Israeli delegate wishes for the delegate of Chad to know that we support improving the refugee camp in Chad, and as Israel stated in September 2007, that 300 to 500 Darfurian refugees would gain citizenship as a form of aid to Sudan and Chad. Israel has signed international refugee conventions and is very open and liberal dealing with aiding refugees from Darfur. Specifically, where does Chad plan to place these refugees and how should its surrounding countries, as well as Israel, give aid?

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8 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 14th 2009, 20:47

the delegate of Chad previously stated that the Sudanese government is directly linked to the Janjaweed militias, but there are no actual proofs to that. The Sudanese delegate would like to state that the government has already agreed to investigate the atrocities against human rights and prosecute those responsible, including the Janjaweed. Sudan's government has also made a commitment to disarm the Janjaweed militias. In the other hand, the Chadian government is the one that's "sponsoring" the Darfur crisis when it aids the SLA and the JEM within its borders.

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9 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 14th 2009, 21:35

Delegates (Julia and Taty),
Since you both have started a small discussion, read this article and see what you have to comment about it. Remember, these are facts which can be interpreted by different points of view.


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10 US darfur aid on October 15th 2009, 22:01

As the article sent by the Secretary General states, the US has been clearly involved in solving the situation in Darfur. It has recognized the situation as genocide, Mr.Bashir as a dictator of a regime supporting the Janjaweed and has imposed sanctions in Sudan to prevent the expansion of the government’s power. In this video, our President answers questions and shows his concern towards the situation:
The Darfur crisis was a problem the world refused to see while it was going on, and all nations should be clearly aware that each one failed to compel to the RToP. However, there is still time to aid the citizens and more than anything, protect the refugees who felt obligated to flee from terror. “2.6 million have been displaced from their homes and live in camps for refugees or Internally Displaced Person (IDPs) or wherever they can, in a courtyard, under a tree.” The US plans to Aid Sudan the most it can. In this website, the delegates can check out the total budget plus where the Us will focus its aid : This should answer the Israelite delegate’s concern about aid, as the US is also contributing.
The refugee camps in Chad should be modernized ,supported and citizenship should be given out to these homeless people urgently , as there is no need to repress them any longer.

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11 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 19:19

Delegate of Israel,
Chad is glad to know that Israel supports the Chadian resolution. The delegate asked where the Darfur refugees would be placed. The Chadian delegate wants to improve the refugee camps in Chad so the refugees can live there until this problem in Sudan is solved.

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12 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 19:26

Delegate of Sudan,
None of the information transmitted by the delegate of Chad comes from unreliable sources. Could the delegate please inform from where the Sudanese delegate’s sources come from?

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13 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 19:33

The delegate of Sudan would like to state that one of its main concerns in the resolution is improving the awful conditions the refugees are facing and provide them with a safe and stable place to live. Sudan's government is doing all it can to end the crisis and for the Sudanese citizens to finally feel safe to come back home.

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14 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 19:42

What's is the Sudan's position on the Darfur conflict considering in 2002, the Sudan government aided the Janjaweed (evil horsmen in Arabic), Arab militias, by giving them weapons they used to suppress African tribes in Darfur? Sudanese President, General Omar al-Bashir has already been accused for war crimes in Darfur by the ICC. Does the delegate care that "children, who'll be haunted for the rest of their lives by what they have seen," as Charles Gibson, abc News reporter puts it?

How can a nation who has caused so much pain and suffering say that there is no 'proof' and that you are trying to disable them? If the Sudanese delegate wishes to end the Darfur crisis, what does it say against ending the genocide in Africa to which it has added to?

In August 2007, the U.N. tried to deploy 22,500 peacekeeping soldiers, but Sudan refused. How can the delegate of Sudan wish that it's "citizens to finally feel safe to come back home," if Sudan is creating genocide and aiding weapons to enemies of the international community. The delegate of Israel can also give sources, if needed.

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15 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 20:43

delegates of Israel and Chad,

It's totally bias to state that the Sudanese government is the one responsible for all the suffering in Darfur. What are your proofs that Sudan has aided the Janjaweed? Just like the ICC trial, this statement has been analyzed of having insufficient proof, especially for the genocide accusations. Just like President Ahmadinejad stated: "The reputation of the Hague has been damaged through such actions and it has been proved that it not only fails to serve justice and uphold the rights of nations, but it has also been turned into a mechanism for bullying powers to suppress other countries."
Omar Al-Bahir is indeed seeking to bring pace to the Sudanese citizens by letting the UNAMID mediate in the process of the Drafur crisis. The only reason why it didn't agree with the UN peacekeeping troops is because it would "compromise the country's sovereignty" and that it agreed with the UN resolution 1769 in which 26,000 troops of the UN together with those of the African Union are going to intervene in the matter. The Sudanese president has already launched his own project to end the crisis, "The People of Sudan Initiative", a national effort to end the crisis with agreements instead of violence.

In the other had, the delegate of Sudan would like to emphasize that Chad has refused to use border patrol to stop Fur rebels of attacking Sudan through its own borders, which resulted in several attacks against both Sudan's government and the refugee camps. The Chadian government has also permitted the JEM and SLA to meet and unite inside its territories. Also reminding the delegate that in 2008, when Sudan and Chad both signed the Dakar peace agreement, the Chadian government was the first one to break the pact when it became involved in an attack in Khartoum by the Darfur rebels that same year.

So how can the Israeli delegate state that "there is no 'proof' that you are trying to disable them" when in fact Sudan has started its own initiative program apart from the UN, agreed to UNAMID troops, trialed members of its own government accused of human rights atrocities and keeps on insisting on new peace deals with the country that may be the biggest contributor to all the violence in its country?

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16 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 21:10

March 12, 2009, Miramar Congressman Alcee Hastings said, "No leader who commits such horrific crimes should be allowed to remain free."
He also states, "While the roots of this conflict run deep, combining a complex mix of racial, tribal, religious, political, geographic, and environmental matters, surely there can be no excuse to engage in the kind of violence that President al-Bashir has inflicted on the people of Darfur. It is well past time to bring him to justice."
The delegate of Israel does not understand why Sudan who go through so much to get rid of this accusation. To not only block it from going out to it's people, but to also write a resolution trying to annul the report. "The Report is null and void. It's claims are vague, biased, and don not stand up to examination," said Foreign Minister, Lam Akol. Then why not let the Sudanese people figure that out for themselves? If the report is too vague, perhaps the Sudanese delegate would like to explain who such accusations were founded? Surely, there is some reason that anyone would have thought it in the first place.

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17 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 21:19

Perhaps it is has something to do when in a desert region northwest of Port Sudan on the Red Sea cost, which is regularly used by smugglers of weapons groups, a truck full of Sudanese weapon dealers were finally shot down, a step againast terrorism. The delagate of Israel will just add that the weapons were reportedly going to the Hamas from Iran.

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18 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 18th 2009, 21:24

Then why not let the Sudanese people figure that out for themselves?

Omar Al-Bashir also agrees with such opinion: "The referee is the Sudanese people. They should decide if we are really criminals, or if we are leaders of the people who should govern them in the future."

Sudan has already taken actions for that to happen and the 2011 referendum stated in the CPA will be able to decide that. So if the world would let Sudan take care of its internal issues and not try to create a vague accusation against the country, maybe the whole crisis would end much sooner and stable.

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19 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 19th 2009, 20:19

Fellow delegates need to know that as stated before nobody has enough proof to accuse the Sudanese government and especially Bashir neither in question of its connection with Janjaweed and the ICC trial. All delegates need to have in mind that before the international countries got involved in the conflict, the rebels and the government were working on peace agreements but the fact that Western countries got involved, it resulted in choosing a side accusing the other. It all resulted in worsing the conflict since only one side is being helped and supported.

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20 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 19th 2009, 23:30

Please delegates, don't be ill informed or easily influenced by the monopolizing countries of the west.

For start, the Darfur crisis is a conflict WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLVED, not a genocide. The main issue that the Sudanese government is trying to solve are small insurgments led by small and widespreaded rebel groups.
Second, calling Omar al-Bashir a dictator is a clear evidence of how faulterous with the truth many countries are. A man that works for the benefit of the nation, trying to solve a conflict that has been a result of a couple of civil wars, may not, in any stance, be called a DICTATOR. This is discrimination, prejudice.
Thirdly, the Congolese delegate mentioned that situation in Darfur is unstable do to the fact that peace treaties have not been signed. Yes, it is truth, but not due to inefficiency of the government. With the influence of the foreing presence of the ICC (which, by stance, has NO jurisdiction over Sudanese territory) rebels feel pressured and threatened, which leads to the faulterous treaties. As a result, the government is not less than OBLIGATED to expell and not accept any foreing inteference in the conflict, in order to make such groups cooperate and finally attain the long-sought peace.

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21 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 19th 2009, 23:47


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22 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 21st 2009, 19:50

As much as the opinions expressed in this council is very much appreciated by the American delegation, the lack of truth in the Sudanese speech is sadenning. Mr. Bashir IS and WILL ALWAYS be a dictator, a man who led a tormetial regime and who YES supported genocide and the Janjaweed militia. The delegate posted the quote " "The referee is the Sudanese people. They should decide if we are really criminals, or if we are leaders of the people who should govern them in the future." So, who are these referees, the dead, delegates of Sudan? The ones who suffered prejudice? Got killed? Had their houses burned and had their wivees raped? Would they be the one who's sons got their gentials cut off and others sent to military camps?? Or would the referees be the 70% Arab residents of Sudan, who partly support the DICTATOR Bashir and prefer not to get themselves complicated with the goverment? Frankly, delegates, you bias position on the matter is a shame to the global community. Denying the existance of such genocide, is the same as ignoring the Holocaust.
Also, the delegate mentioned that calling Mr.Bashir a dicator is " This is discrimination, prejudice." But just some sentences before called USA unfairly as " the monopolizing countries of the west". This is something created by the countyr of China, who supports the dictatorial Sudanese nation, and uses prejudice to turn USA into a " monopolizing" country. Measure your words delegate, since when trying to convince the world of an UNTRUE fact, at least, be cohesive and do not contradict yourself.

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23 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 25th 2009, 22:35

The delegate stated that there are no proofs that the Sudanese government has sponsored the Janjaweed, but the Sudanese government gave permission for the Janjaweed to use airplanes on the Sudanese territory. Can the delegate explain how can the government allow something like this?
Also the delegate said that UN peacekeeping troops would interfere with the country’s sovereignty. There have been human rights violations in Darfur; therefore the argument of sovereignty in this case is annulated.
Could the delegate be clearer about its project to end the crisis?

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24 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 25th 2009, 22:42

Delegate of Sudan,
How can the delegate say “the Darfur crisis is a conflict WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLVED, not a genocide”? The people continuously move to neighboring countries of Sudan, people are being killed, women are being raped… How can the delegate say that it’s a conflict which has already solved?
Open your eyes delegate.

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25 Re: Darfur Crisis on October 27th 2009, 15:18

Chadian delegate,
Firstly, the Sudanese delegation is very pleased with the Chadian delegate's concern with my eyes. Please do not worry delegate, they ARE opened. Yes delegate, the conflict has been solved. And do keep in mind: this is not a Sudanese government'ssatement, it comes directly from the UN delegate. What happens in Darfur today are simply small insurgences led by militias, which are many, small and widespread. Today, there is no civil war going on, simply attacks in diverse points in Darfur.
Second, the government has absolutely no relation or influence with rebel groups. it is outrageous and rather discriminatory for the Sudanese be accused of such. And please delegate, diferently from the Sudanese government which is accused based on suspicions rather than proofs, it is the Chadian goevrnment which allows Sudanese rebel groups to meet inside Chadian borders to plan attacks in Darfur.

Before posting biased and unbased statements delegate, look inside your own country, which shows no support for refugees and accepts bandits to meet.
Open your eyes to what happens in your country first delegate, instead of insinuating lies.

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