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Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER

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26 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 22nd 2009, 19:24

Confirmation of USA's question of :
Investigation and erradication of Russian-Venezuelan treaty, and Venezuelan's and Iran's trading relationship.

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27 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 22nd 2009, 20:05

Just because Venezuela and Iran became trading partners doesn't mean Venezuela will built nuclear weapons or help Iran built nuclear weapons. Venezuela doesn't even have any nuclear technology to use and a lot less to trade.

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28 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 22nd 2009, 20:40


The delegation of Venezuela sees no conection between Georgia and Venezuela's nuclear power development and the economic ties between Russia and Iran, are between the two nations.

Venezuela has not violated the NPT or the SC Resolution involving importation of nuclear facilities and tecnologies to Iran.

Delegate of Chile, you might take in consideration that opinios aren't fact, opinions are made of facts. The delegate's acusation towards Venezuela's socialist president is senseless and disrespectful. The connection the delegate made between the conflicts of Iran & Israel and Russia & Georgia are irrelevant to Venezuela's nuclear development, therefore the delegate's conclusion is irrelevant as well.
What is relevant of facts. The facts are venezuela's recent alliances was Russia and with Iran, with the stated intention by president Hugo Chavez to develop a nuclear program, ostensibly for peaceful proposes. However, in view of the enormous recent purchase of machine guns, military aircraft, and other military hardware from Russia cast serious doubts upon the alledged peaceful intentions of Venezuela. The evidence admittedly circuntencial, but engenders suspicion that the ultimate objectives are not binign. Hugo Chavez has lied frequently in the past, and it is likely that is lieing again now.

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29 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 23rd 2009, 23:03

DELEGATION OF CHILE, the delegate must be in need of the post for a grade, because seriously,
the Delegation of Venezuela has already responded to these statements more than

Anyways, yes, Chavez is seeking for the Russian Federation's help to begin a nuclear
program for civilian use of energy. And Chavez is planning on mining
Venezuela's uranium with Iran's assistance for the same purpose. Delegate,
sorry if Chile wants to say behind while the world advances, but Venezuela
won't stop pursuing its nuclear program just because some nations are
predicting Venezuela will create nuclear weapons, which is considered an
offence to the Venezuelan government, since it have signed the NPT and other
treaty involving nuclear power.

And - not that it have anything to do with Venezuela's nuclear program -yes,
Venezuela has just concluded an arms deal with Russia where 2.2 billion dollars
were spent. And Chavez told the world personally about this deal with Russia,
because he is worried of how far and intense US' intervention in the bordering
nation Colombia has gotten. And Venezuela wasn't the only one closing arm
deals, your nation have as well ... so don't accuse someone of doing something
your nation did too. And not only Venezuela and Chile, but the entire South American
continent spends over 51 billion dollars in arm deals.

Delegate, you have just stated, rudely, that "Hugo Chavez has lied
frequently in the past, and it is likely that is lying again now." And
what the Delegation of Venezuela find interesting, is that is accuse once again
Venezuela's president, but have given no facts to support its opinion. Chile,
Venezuela won't take in consideration the delegate's word if you don't state
them with fact. Delegate stopping accusing countries without knowing what the
delegate is accusing them for.

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30 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 24th 2009, 00:47

Delegate, there are reasons why the UN and many other nations should suspect your ties with Iran. So far, officials say there is no clear evidence that Venezuela is actively pursuing the technology to create nuclear weapons. During a private meeting between Chavez and Khatami chavez made it known to the Iranian leader that he would like to "introduce nuclear elements into Venezuela"Let's not get mistaken, Chavez is following the familiar path that others have taken in pursuit of nuclear weapons. Intelligence reports indicate that Venezuela has begun taking delivery of more than 100,000 Russian-made AK-47s, some of which will be used to arm the militiasIt is almost too late to stop Iran's mad dash for nuclear weapons. Let's not make the same mistake of allowing another America-hater get the drop on us. Especially one that is so close to our borders.

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31 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 24th 2009, 00:55

Delegate of Venezuela, yes you have signed the NPT, but your president, lied in an interview saying that he had signed the additional protocol, when actually such action was never made. Does the delegate know what this protocol suggests?It gives the permission of the IAEA to access all the parts of the state's nuclear facilities, in this way, under the Protocol, the IAEA is granted expanded rights of access to information and sites. So delegate, the USA is sure that if Venezuela didn't have anything to hide from the UN and the rest of the world, there is no problem in signing the procedure. Your involvement with Russia only aggravates the situation and fear among many for Russia is known to be a great nuclear power.

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32 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 24th 2009, 08:50

delegate of Venezuela is tired of repeating why Venezuela has been receiving
weapons from Russia, so just look back at the forum and the delegate of US will
find its answer.

"Officials say there is no clear evidence that Venezuela is actively
pursuing the technology to create nuclear weapons." Could agree more with
the Delegate of US. And there is no intension for nuclear weapons. It is not far
for Venezuela to delay is nuclear development just because some nations predict
Venezuela will create nuclear weapons, which is ridiculous. Venezuela has no
reason why to create nuclear weapons.

The delegate is not aware of any interview where Chavez has lied about signing
the Additional Protocol. And delegate, Venezuela has NO nuclear technologies
and facilities so there is no reason to sign the additional protocol. Most
likely, when Venezuela achieves nuclear development, it will sign the protocol;
for now, there is no reason why.

Russia is one of the greatest nuclear power, and so is US and Venezuela has
vivid economic ties with US als well, and is hoping for good relationship with the US.

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33 Entering debate... on October 26th 2009, 19:53

The delegate of North Korea would like to congratulate the delegation of Venezuela for its coherent debate and candid proposals on acquiring nuclear power for civil use. It is a right specified under the fourth article of the NPT, to which both the USA and Venezuela abide, that every country has the right to pursue nuclear technology for the production of electricity. This right, which USA, wrongly wants to limit is that by which Venezuela pursues its goal.

As approached by the venezuelan delagate the nation of Venezuela is not providing nuclear technology or financing any such production in Iran both nations are quite undeveloped regarding fission technology as already especified by USA's own inteligence agency!

"Venezuelan trade with Iran has grown from approximately $1 million in 2004 to over $50 million in 2006" The delegate is impressed with the ammount of money being exchanged among this two states, it can probably buy some radiation proof doors in a nuclear facility or trees for decoration... The contruction of a nuclear power plant is in the house of billions, delegates! Developing technology for military use would go beyond even Venezuela's GDP!


I hope that after this insight the delegation of USA would stop trying to defame the friendly nation of Venezuela as the only state in the planet which can be judged unfair or unstable is the United States of America as already stated by the delegation of USA itself: "(...) these were all past presidents decisions, wrong ones, regretful ones, unforgettable ones." How can the international community trust a nuclear power that changes its opinions drastically every four years?!

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34 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on October 26th 2009, 21:24

Thank you delegate of North Korea. Indeed, nuclear energy development is approved by every nation and by the NPT, so why stop Venezuela's nuclear program? The nuclear reactor will prevent Venezuela's energy power to crack down. What reasons are there to suspect Venezuela? Venezuela's economic doesn't regard any nuclear facility because Venezuela doesn't have any and "Officials say there is no clear evidence that Venezuela is actively pursuing the technology to create nuclear weapons." Not like if Venezuela threw two nuclear bombs in Japan in the end of WW2, Venezuela's reason for nuclear power have already been stated and approved ... there is no relevant reason to suspect Venezuela.

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35 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 8th 2009, 22:35

Delegate of Venezuela, like many nations, there is always a suspect of nuclear weapons being used illegally. For such reason it is needed to speculate these motives to assure political and world safety. The delegate of North Korea agree with the delegate of Venezeuela only because right now, it withdrew its agreement with the NPT. There has got to be a reason for this agreement that only provides safety to be withdrawed, and obviously its not for civilians purposes. also delegate of Venezuela. The delegate is only proposing your signature on the Additional protool which provides a more detailed speculation on Venezuela's facilities. Whats the matter on signing this protocol? Its objective is only on peaceful purposes.

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36 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 8th 2009, 23:32

Delegates, discussion of a nuclear program in Venezuela with everything that is going on there now is preposterous and unacceptable. This issue should not even be discussed so as long as the American Caucus doesn't solve THIS:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has urged his armed forces to be prepared for possible war with Colombia amid growing diplomatic and border tensions.

This is a far more urgent and important issue, deal with this first and THEN we can start talking about a nuclear program.

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37 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 9th 2009, 23:14

I'm sorry delegate, the USA will take important consideration on the issue you pointed out and will try to include in its discussion but there is no right for the delegate to offend the issue being discussed because it has the same amount of importance as the issue you suggested, and it is not unacceptable because nuclear program in Venezuela can become a serious issue, do your research delegate there has been many suspectful unranium exportations between Venezuela and Iran and a 2.2 billion arms esxportation with Russia. There is no reason for the creation of this nuclear reactor since the state itself doesn't even have enough money to consruct it and doesn't even need it right now. So yes delegate please take in consideration that both topics re important.

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38 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 9th 2009, 23:16

Also delegate Colombia is already dealing with the subject since it is the country being discussed and has UA's total support on ending this war and preventing it in every way

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39 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 10th 2009, 10:01

Delegate of the United Kingdom:
The issue of Venezuela's attempts to "defend themselves" and their verbal strikes against Colombia and the United States, together with their plans to be ready to attack Colombia, is an issue with the same importance as nuclear energy in Venezuela. Given by the fact that nuclear energy and nuclear weapons are one step away from each other, knowing that nuclear energy produces plutonium, which is a fissile material, yes, nations need to be aware and cautious when dealing with these nuclear energy programs. However, given by the fact that nuclear energy in Venezuela was proposed by RUSSIA, and their arms deal was with RUSSIA, I believe that these issues are directly related and should be discussed in unison, with the same concern and the same importance.

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40 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 10th 2009, 11:05

The purpose of the UK bringing forth this issue is because it is inexoricably linked to the nuclear program. Are we willing as an organization to provide a country which according to its dictator, cough, leader is on the verge of declaring war? this would be in stark contrast to what the USA and the UK and by extension, th einternational community is doing in Iran and the DPRK

We would be acting in double standards if we are to discuss the issue of a venezuelan nuclear program. We, and your country is included delegate of the USA, are reluctant to give the DPRK and Iran a nuclear program because of the threat of future wars with Japan/South Korea and Israel, respectively. That threat is much more concrete in Venezuela today than it is in Korea and Iran. If we acted in one way towards those two nations are we not willing to do the same with Venezuela? Gentlemen, this is not a verbal war, venezuelan armies HAVE MOBILIZED, this continent is on the verge of war. This threat must be terminated before we can even proceed with negotiations. The implications of allowing a warring nation to simultaneously develop its nuclear program are terrifying. We would be insane to even consider this with the current situation unfolding.

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41 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 10th 2009, 13:19

Delegate, we are not reluctant or trying to postpone the discussion of Venezuela's nuclear program or the imminent danger of its military power - the only point that we were pushing is that you made it seem like its nuclear program was a minor issue that does not need such discussion as the imminent danger of Venezuela's growing army and its arms deals. My colleagues' resolution intends to end the arms deal between Venezuela and Russia, among others, which shows that the United States has NOT forgotten that Venezuela is on the VERGE of war. Your point is more than valid, but the United States's resolution deals with both issues. We do NOT wish to see a nuclear Venezuela, especially not led by Hugo Chavez, who has more than once expressed his hatred for the United States and his fear/threats to neighboring nations.

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42 LOL on November 10th 2009, 13:30

Delegate of USA,
One of your previous posts have put me to wonder: "the creation of this nuclear reactor since the state itself doesn't even have enough money to consruct it " (USA/ MANA). If Venezuela does not have the money to construct a simple energy production nuclear facility, how would it be able to develop a functional military nuclear program that costs multiples more?!
Delegate there is no excuse that whatever your nation is trying with Venezuela is, again, a demonstration of your uncontrollable hegemony!

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43 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 10th 2009, 13:45

Delegate of North Korea, you must remember that Venezuela does not have money to rationally produce nuclear energy. However, with Russia's aid, it will be able to build a nuclear power plant.
Now remember, delegate, Venezuela's dictator president has shown, over the last years, non-compliance to his people's wishes and needs. So, if Chavez deems it necessary to create a nuclear weapons program, even if his people have to suffer for it, he will do it.

Now, delegate, you accuse the United States of hegemony (once again). And I tell you, once again, that the United States is trying to keep Venezuela from creating a continental war in South America, just because Chavez fears the United States's influence in Colombia (in the form of military bases and Plan Colombia), which is merely for the sake of the safety of Colombian people against the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, the FARC and other threats.

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44 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 11th 2009, 11:19

The delegation of Brazil is definetely in favor of the abdiction of Venezuela's nuclear power program with Russia. First of all, there are other cheaper and less riskier type of alternate energy sources that could work for our world (Ethanol for example, is renewable and releases considerably less greenhouse gas emissions). Has the delegate of Venezuela ever wondered what could happen if an accident occured? The consequences would be catastrofic. The delegate of Brasil invites the delegates of Venezuela to take a look at these pictures:
Is this what Venezuela wants for our people? The slightest mistake could kill a vast amount of our children and population. And perhaps, Russia has had more than a few situations regarding nuclear power and is considered a rogue nation to many countries in the world. The United States of America has Brasil's full support.

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45 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 11th 2009, 11:51

DELEGATE OF US (1) : First of all, Venezuela is against North Korea nuclear weapons program, and second Venezuela has no reason to sign the Additional Protocol if it deals with something not present in Venezuela's territory. But in the future, when Venezuela starts its nuclear program it will sign the Additional Protocol ... for now there is no need to.

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46 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 11th 2009, 11:52

DELEGATE OF UK: Does the delegate know the reason why Venezuela made a 2.2 billion arm deals with Russia? Why doesn’t the delegate get some background information before accusing Hugo Chavez of wanting to go to war. Besides it wasn't only Chavez who closed arm deals, we are talking about the entire South American continent, which spent over 51 billion dollars in weapons. Bolivia and Russia, Brazil and France - just to name a few - ... and all because Colombia is treating not only Venezuela, but Brazil, Paraná, Ecuador and all the countries surrounding it:
This is a previous post made by the delegation of Venezuela, the unprepared delegate of UK might want to take notice (:
So the delegate of Colombia is saying that Colombia has no intension to invade Venezuela; the same way Colombia stated that there are no connections between Uribe and the coup in Honduras, and that Colombia defends Zelaya's government.

Well, the delegate of Venezuela find it quite interesting Colombia's action and plans in relationship with Colombia's sayings. So why did Uribe had a PRIVATE meeting ALONE with Honduras’s coup leader and had NO press release about it after all?

Anyways, the delegation of Venezuela would like to take note of this facts:
1. Colombia said, in the past, that it had no intensions of invading Ecuador. However, it unexpectedly, immorally and unrespetfully crossed Ecuador/Colombia's border treating the lives of innocent citizens in Ecuadorian nation.
2. The bases are planning to be place in Venezuela/Colombia's border.
3. Colombia is already the third-largest recipient of U.S. military funds
4. a) Colombia has received nearly six billion dollars in military aid from the United States since 1999
b) and before that there was 13 billion dollars aid from US to Colombia
5. The hundred American non-peacekeeping solders that are serving in Colombia, currently

Sorry delegate of Colombia, but what Colombia has stated is proven to be irrelevant by Colombia itself. Since oil reserves were discovered in Venezuela, US has been targeting Venezuela; and interfering in Colombia was one of the quickest and easiest way the US found to attack Venezuela. Colombia is not trustworthy; the arms deal between Russia and Venezuela were unfortunately necessary and so was the arm deal between Brazil and France, Ecuador and Brazil and Israel, Bolivia and Russia. Yes, the delegate of Colombia might have noticed that most nations within the American caucus and the world choose to be against US military bases in Colombia. The 12 South American nations have spent over 51 billion dollars in military aids to protects it borders because of US' intervention in Colombia; so delegate, don't blame Venezuela, Venezuela was one of ALL South American nations that chose to protect their innocent citizens from Colombia (obviously meaning, US).

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47 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 11th 2009, 11:52

DELEGATE OF US (2): Why don't you go back in time and research what happen with US, Venezuela and nuclear program in Venezuela? US seemed to be in favor of Venezuela at that time, now that Venezuela is searching for help from Russia, US is positioning itself against Chavez. Delegate, Venezuela doesn’t send nuclear weapons to Israel, Venezuela never invaded Iraq because of a "weapon of mass destruction lie", Venezuela never threw two atomic bombs in Japan .......Venezuela's energy system is about to crack down, and Chavez won't just sit down and wait for other countries to says its okay to start a nuclear program. Venezuela is not a nuclear threat, Venezuela's government doesn’t have the GDP to support nuclear weapons, Venezuela signed the NPT - and didn't violated like the US - so why be against Venezuela? US is loosing it's influence in the world, specially in Latin America, now its trying to deprive other countries' right to develop so it can maintain its 'power'. Well, to bad Chavez and the rest of South America isn't as ignorant, proud less as Uribe - US can add military bases in the Venezuelan border with Colombia, US can ousted the Honduran president, and maybe US can stop Venezuela's nuclear power plan but the US will never stop the Bolivarian Revolution of happening.

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48 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 11th 2009, 11:55

As the Brasilian companheiro posted, not only as a security risk, but a nuclear power plant in the hands of a nation controlled by a dictator that has already declared hatred towards the USA and repression to various other South American countries that counters it's position has to be considered extremely dangerous.

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49 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 11th 2009, 11:56

DELEGATE OF US (3): The delegation will try to prohibit arm deals between Russia and Venezuela? Please, don’t make me laugh. The delegation of Venezuela is looking forward to seeing the US try. And while this is happening, Colombia is still US third largest arms recipient, Colombia is still trying to add US military base to its border with Venezuela. So delegates, Colombia invaded Ecuador illegally and killed their citizens, and, of course, US supported this terrifying action. Now that Colombia is targeting against Venezuela, Chavez should do what? Let what happen in May 1st 2008 repeat In Venezuela? No. Chavez will protect its nation and territory, Chavez close arm deal with Russia just for protection. The arms and military technology in Venezuela are about 30-50 years old; Venezuela could never defend its nation with old technology, at least not in this issue…. Chavez never wanted to make this deal. And as the delegate said before, its wasn’t just Chavez who closed arm deals recently, but the entire South America.

Venezuela is not looking for war, Venezuela is defending itself from “US-manipulated” Colombia.

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50 Re: Venezuela's Nuclear Power Plan?? NEVER on November 11th 2009, 12:00


DELEGATE OF UK (2): Once again the delegate might want to research more. HUGO CHAVEZ IS A SOCIALIST, NOT A DICTADOR AND HE WAS DEMOCRATICLY ELLECTED MORE THAN ONCE. So before you deliver any word to the Venezuelan delegation, the delegate might want to reformulate your question.

That threat is much more concrete in Venezuela today than it is in Korea and Iran.”

Oh yes, of course, Venezuela is a nuclear threat, because has no nuclear program running, also because its government doesn’t have the GDP to support nuclear weapons, and because Venezuela signed the NPT and never violated it, also reminding that Venezuela is a nuclear threat because the UN research show that Venezuela has no intention of creating nuclear weapons. -.-‘ If Venezuela is a nuclear threat, UK and US are what? Savers of the world? The ones who care and protect the world from terrible super nuclear power threat Venezuela is? The world must be very careful with Venezuela because of it very strong nuclear threat, meaning that Venezuela is responsible for the paint on the walls of the nuclear research lab.

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