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Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia

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1 Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 7th 2009, 12:10

Good morning delegates

This year, our topic (the country of Japan) will working on the resolution of ssome of the natural disasters that occurs in Asia.

Lately, there was a lot of tsumanies, especially next to japan, where a lot of people died in Samoa. This then, Japan is in high alert because Japan, India and maybe Australia may be touched by a tsunami.
Our objective is to try to find a way so those tsunamies can be stopped or to save the population from the tsunamies.

Also, there are some Earthquakes due to the movement of the tectonic plates, which a creating earthquakes. The last one happened in Indonesia, 2009/10/07 13:02:14, near the coast of Papua with a magnetude of 4.8.

so our job is to try to find a possible solution for the natural disasters.

PS: nice link to know when were and last earthquakes happenned recently : Recent earthquakes in the world

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2 The highest building in Asia on October 7th 2009, 18:36

as we have japan and our topic will be about earthquakes and tsunamis, i did some research about the taipei 101, because this new building has some technics so that earthquakes does'nt damage it.
It doesn't get damaged, becaused its build like a palm and because it has a big steel ball in it, which should balance it.
Here is a link which informs about this new technics.
And another maybe interestant link is that, where they talking about that the weight of the taipei 101 could has caused an earthquake.

If I wrote something wrong I am sorry. but i hadn't a lot of time.

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3 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 8th 2009, 16:15

Delegates Prosper, Rafael, and Michael of Japan,

North Korea strongly suggests that for Japan's resolution on tsunami protection and tsunami aid that Japan discuss possible efforts to join forces with the United States. The United States has suffered similar problems in the Western area especially in California. The United States might consider a joint resolution.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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4 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 8th 2009, 18:33

Indeed, delegate of North Korea....Who knows?? tongue

By the way, I hope you guys don't mind me intruding.... Wink

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5 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 13th 2009, 18:56

Thank you delegate Tyler

It may be a good idea, but i think that if our ideas are clear, and our project to solve this problem is also perfect (if perfect is reachable); then there will be no people against this resolution, probably.

This issue mainly concern India, Japan, America (especially the little island named Soama) and probably some other countries but without the same degree of urgency.

By the way, I hope you guys don't mind me intruding.... Wink

no problem delegate Leo, this topic is open to everyone who think are concern and who think they might have some ideas to share for this resolution.

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6 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 15th 2009, 07:59

The Delegates of North Korea agree that while you may create a perfect resolution, and it will more than likely pass, North Korea believes that the Delegates of Japan might be interested in investing time into creating allies and helping other countries. It would seem to be in Japan's best interest to assist those countries also dealing with this conflict such as America, and India to further strengthen Japans social ties with the rest of the world.

The Delegates of North Korea will think immensly on Japans's resolution and take great care in the decision to support or decline support to the resolution that will be furthermore created.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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7 Importance of finding a good solution on October 18th 2009, 10:15

Here are two links about natural disasters.
The first is about a typhon from the 28th Semptember, which was in Ondoy and the second is about an Earthquake from the 29th september in Indonesia.
I think it's good for everyone to take a look at these videos, because they show dramatic pics, which show the relevance of finding a good solution to prevent natural disasters.

Milla thank you for the link from the second video. It was a great help.

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8 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 11:36

Japanese Delegation,

In the opinion of North Korea, if this touching video was shown to many other developing countries as well, we believe that Japan would gain much more support for Japan's resolution on tsunamis and earthquakes.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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9 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 12:09

here are some possible action that can be taken to solve this issue

1> Create or include a complex and complete class that teaches (early children to old people, all social classes included without exception) all the actions that should be taken in case of any natural disasters. This class should be taken in all schools, for all students since it is an important matter in Asia, except war.

2> Install a system in all structure, at the base of the buildings, that can avoid moving in case of an earthquake, that would avoid the structure of the building to get destroyed and fall in pieces. issue: money to make this project.

3> Create build walls to counter tsunamis when they touch Japan, so the water won't destroy anything inside Japan, nor kill people. issue: money and people won't want to this kind of wall to be here.

4> Ask for help from other countries when natural disasters happen, ask money to repair or doctor to heal wounded people. Also ask founds from other countries to builds more hospitals because the amount of people wounded can be superior to the number of the number of free places in hospitals.

please give other ideas of possible solutions, but remember, this issue concern the whole Asia continent, not only Japan. Make sure the solution you post can be applied for more than one country in Asia. Smile

but the measure that will be taken are hardly going to work for huge tsunamis as youtube Asian tsunami 26th december 2004

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10 Solution about earthquakes and so on on October 18th 2009, 15:02

Prosper as example for a new building type we could use the taipei 101 tower.
I think the best idea is that with the new building structure and than with the great assistence after natural disasters.
And I think that with the walls is like you said. The people wont accept it, because it steels the great why and leaves unusual and uggly landscape.

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11 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 15:14

I totally agree with the delegate Michael about the walls, but in case of earthquake or tsunami, as a delegate, i am not completely sure the building will stand during and after the natural disaster. More, if there is an earthquakes, and the building falls, there are going to be thousands of deaths (people in and people out). The system anti-earthquake of the building can be reused for other buildings since it can cancel 30%-40% of the earthquake power.

Thank you for the great idea delegate Michael, but this solution can only be applied after the buildings are destroyed, or it would cost way too much money. Very Happy

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12 Solution about natural disasters on October 18th 2009, 15:19

Yeah Prosper you are right. With old buildings we cant do anything.
But what I wanted to say is that new building should be build for earthquakes and that the state should support these type of building so that more people can build these buildings because they have a higher cost.

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13 Technicalities on October 18th 2009, 18:00

The delegate of NK wants to make some observation on the technical assigments of the resolution:

  1. Though the construction of walls can seem as an effective proposal it fails to abide to some engineering possibilities. The technology to contain any tsunamy that could cause significant damage does not exist! Furthermore, Japans reduced area wouldn't leave enough espace for the construction of such.
  2. Regarding the isolation units installed under buildings, most new edifications are having the construction of them and yes, their installation in old buildings are out of cogitation. Moreover, they do not protect against tusunamies which would not be a problem as tall buildings would not collapse or have any of its floors above water level affected.
The delegation of NK completely aprooves the creation of an obligatory class regarding emergency behavior as that would boast the number of survivals in the case of any unenventfull accident.

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14 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 18:39

Japanese Delegation,
The North Korean Delegation would support any resoluton dealing with the creation of new building designs or other structures of design that would retain or greatly reduce damage done by natural disasters.

With some of Japan's resolutions having a funding problem, Japan may look into funding support from the UN in exchange for new building designs or architectural designs that would help maintain a country's state of existence after a natural disaster.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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15 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 19:13

The delegate of Japan totally agree with the delegate Paulo from North Korea about building walls of 50 meters high (tsunamis can be huge and water can reach higher when crash with the wall) an 20 meters large because: there is not enough material, money etc; the country will lose all romance since it will be considered as a jail; the Japanese people will never allow any psychopath people to build those walls.

The delegate of Japan confirms that the best way to counter any earthquake in the best conditions if to have the Taipei 101 tower anti-earthquake structure, and so to add this structure characteristics to most of the important buildings they can .(here to check the Taipei characteristics

So the delegate of Japan came up with a good idea, which will probably be the best.
The delegate of Japan will propose to add a extra height to certain buildings that will be called "safety buildings" in case of tsunamis (the best would be to add this extra height to all buildings but the founds will not allow this), so they can reach a height equal or superior to 25 meters. This will also say that those buildings will be able to include more jobs (because of the shopping center they could create for example), shops, or anything possible. More, the concern countries will have to include also to reinforce the structure of the safety buildings with strong quality materials so the power of the wave will not destroy the pillars of the buildings (there are a lot of possible materials not hyper expensive).

These safety buildings should be present every 1km to 5km from each other so people would have time to get in and reach the top of the buildings (the lasts floors should be empty so more people can be "stored" inside (also, there should be good elevators and pretty big so more people can get in at the same time, without forgetting that the scales (when the elevator is going up, everybody is going to be completely scared, so there is another way).

Also, scientists are searching as they can to find how are tsunamis created, why are they created, and are there any possible solution to stop the tsunami production without killing the Earth.

The last point, a very powerful satellite will be needed to check when any tsunamis are going to hit any countries in Asia. This satellite will be in permanent rotation with the Earth so it will always stay in front of Asia. A strong signal will be sent in case of tsunami alert (the signal should be sent to all concerned country/island as early as possible), which will prevent the population to get in the safety buildings and be safe.
This will be the main solution to the Tsunamis-earthquake issue.

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16 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 19:30

I totally agree with the idea of building the walls that are going to help with the issue Japan is going through and I also agree that it is a good idea delegate of Japan, good luck with that

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17 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 20:11

pakistan_diego wrote:I totally agree with the idea of building the walls that are going to help with the issue Japan is going through and I also agree that it is a good idea delegate of Japan, good luck with that

Unfortunately for the delegate Diego from Pakistan, the decision has been taken that Japan is not going to build any walls around this beautiful island for many reasons:

- Japan doesn't want to his people to be angry at these walls and start a movement against them
-The walls will need an serious amount of material that will cost billions of trillions of dollars, plus the transport of the material... there is no possible techniques to realize the project that way.
-This issue do not concern only Japan, the walls will also be needed in India, Indonesia, China and etc.
-Due to the size of the walls, the amount of material needed would represent about 1/5000 about of the size of the earth; it seems a pretty small number, but it is still some billions of tons to transport.

so we are definitively canceling this possibility. Very Happy

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18 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 20:53

South Korean delegate would like to inform that my country already started to donate money for this issues, started with about 50 US dollars for 3 years and that is willing to see a rough draft of the resolution, that we will probably co-submit.

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19 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 18th 2009, 20:59

The delegate of Japan is going to do anything he can to be able to finish (and start) the resolution by wednesday. The delegate is glad that people feel also really concern by this issue, which kills a lot of people every years.

The delegate of Japan hope that the resolution will help people who have not completely agreed on this resolution change their mind, or make MUN more interesting.

Very Happy

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20 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 19th 2009, 12:34

Myanmar is willing to support the delegates of Japan in there resolution since recently in Myanmar occured a cyclone causing alot of caos.

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21 Resume of our ideas for the solution on October 19th 2009, 15:33

To the points that we discussed in the forum, now we can say, that it's impossible to implement the idea with the walls.

Now we have two things we want to do.
For the future we want to begin to build these safe and high buildings, which should protect the people from tsunamis and earthquakes. There should be one of them every 1 to 5 kilometres, where the hole population of the village could be safed. But because it's expensive to build all of these buildings now, we want that countries support the people, who want to build new high buildings and that the state pays the two last stocks, so that it can be a free space where the population can get saved from tsunamis. Or if there's now space for new buildings the state should support the adding of stocks to old high buildings, so that the people can search safety there. Also these buildings have to be safe for earthquakes, because normally before the tsunami there's a earthquake.

For the people that live away from the coast we only want that they build their house and so on save for earthquakes. It doesn't need to be very high because they don't live in danger from tsunamis.
So that's possible that the people get saved from the tsunamis, they need enough time, so that they can go to the save high building. To allocate this time for the population, we need to begin to place good early warning systems.

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22 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 19th 2009, 15:36

Unfortunately for the delegate of Myanmar, the resolution in which the delegate of japan is working does not include cyclones. But the country of Myanmar has aslo been touched by a earthquake in 2003, as this link confirms it here.
The delegate would like to add that almost every countries is concerned by the earthquakes since they are hitted by them; and all country should be aware of the tsunamis, even if most of the countries of Asia are not hitted by the tsunamis.

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23 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 26th 2009, 16:24

Japan Delegation,
Australia has no position about your topic, but, I think that my country could sopport this idea because it's gonna benefit my country and protect to any possible natural disaster!

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24 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 29th 2009, 14:54

Thank you for your cooperation delegate, but the delegate of Japan would like to say that the country (or island) of Australia is also dealing with the issue of earthquakes. This link leads to the major earthquakes in Australia.
In fact, all countries of Asia is concern by this issue: the country next to the coast get hit by tsunamis while other countries are damaged by earthquakes, or both. Some lucky countries as Myanmar do not have any history related to earthquakes or tsunamis, but they are also concerned since they are part of the same countinent and they have allies who are in trouble because of this world issue.

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25 Re: Tsunamies and earthquakes in Asia on October 30th 2009, 11:24

Japanese Delegtaion,

The North Korean Delegation will still be willing to support a resolution dealing with the development of buildings that can withstand earthquakes and tsunamis, however, North Korea wants Japan to be aware that if there is great funding involved from individual countries, that we may have to pull out.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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