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Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees...

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1 Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 18th 2009, 20:11

The Sudanese resolution in this year's SalMun will deal with issues referring to the country's current situation. Firstly, and mainly, the delegation would like to express Mr. Omar al-Bashir's hopes to finally end the conflict (not genocide) which is currently happening in Darfur. Over 10,000 lives have been taken and the situation is not at all, the best. The delegation urges international cooperation when referring to the removal of sanctions, the withdrawal of ICC accusations against Mr. al-Bashir, monetary and health aid, as well as the assistance to those displaced which were alocated near the Chadnian border and Chad itself.
Besides, the delegation wishes to open the eyes of those allienated by Western nations. Absurd accusations that the government finances millitias (mainly the "janjaweed") that pursue the "cleanse" of balck Africans of Sudan territories, rest warrants against the president and labels that the conflict is a 'Genocide' all reflect on Western hostilities against the country of Sudan.
Be aware, fellow delegations, and let's hope the conflict may be resolved soon.

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2 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 18th 2009, 20:54

It is with deep happiness and overjoy that the delegation would like to extend Sudan's acknowledgement to the African Union, Qatar and Egypt, for, along with the Sudanese government, have refused to arrest al-Bashir and condemned ICC charges against him.
It is obvious that the constant arrest warrants fired by the International Criminal Court, which Sudan completely refuses its jurisdiction, will only harm on going efforts to boost stability in the already fragile region of Darfur. It is necessary that the world's most powerful countries stop limiting themselves in expressing their discontents and concerns to the United Nations, stop accusing Sudan's efforts to stop the conflict and control themselves on the imposing of sanctions. Only more harm is being done, and the situation is only accentuated by the same nations who criticize Sudan.
Maybe it is time to look to oneself first, before commenting on others. Maybe it is time to start respecting national sovereignty, national decisions, stop defaming and spreading false rumors and work together as a community, as a world community.

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3 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 18th 2009, 21:06

Emphasizing that the ICC pre-trial has been analyzed of having insufficient proof, especially for the genocide accusations and that the leading prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo has created a personal grudge against the state, due to Sudan's refusal to give up Ali Kushayb and Ahmed Haroun, which were convicted by the ICC and decided to prosecute Omar Al-Bashir as personal vengeance.

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4 Agreed on October 19th 2009, 17:22

The delegate of NK completely agrees with the delegation of Sudan regarding the ICC. This international judiciary cannot be permitted to trial citizens from any country as they lack enough understanding of particular conflicts. Furthermore it is an indisputable infrigement to a countries national sovereighty which is among the pillars of the United Nations.

Thorugh this manifestation the delegation North Korea demonstrates its support towards this "question of"...

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5 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 19th 2009, 20:09

as my delegates did before me
the delegate of Sudan (caucus) would also like to add that since Sudan is not under the jurisdiction of the ICC, Bashir should not be arrested with GENOCIDE accusations against him. How can such an important but inefective organization can have such counts without proofs. (It is like the main support for a count over someone)

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6 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 20th 2009, 20:35

The delegates of Sudan say that there is no genocide in Sudan. So the delegate of the United States thought it appropriate to bring to the table the definition of genocide:
n. The systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of an entire national, racial, religious, or ethnic group.
From The American Heritage®️ Dictionary of the English Language

The delegate of Sudan said, in his first post, that what occured and is still occuring in Darfur was a conflict, not a genocide. How is the situation in Darfur not a genocide if a specific ethnic group which is a minority is being mercilessly exterminated? If we are to decide upon Al-Bashir's prosecution, I believe that we should first define the situation in Darfur, which the delegate believes to clearly be a genocide.

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7 Not! on October 20th 2009, 21:01

The nation of North Korea completely disagrees with the methodology of the USA; beucase of such actions the UN has failed in the past passing to much time on "preambles" and missing on its real operations...

The delegation of North Korea does not deem the "labeling" of the conflict as significant but, yes, the actions that we are going to take for a change. For these reasons the obsevation of the final version of the resolution will be needed for further discussion...

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8 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 20th 2009, 23:01

The delegate of South Africa alarms the delegate of Sudan that International Criminal Court is a respected and works with justice to prosecute terrorists and other violators of the human rights order.
The ICC has judged such leader in an intelligent and convicted way, a man who didn't help their own population, that alarmed of the existence of a guerilla in their territory (Lord's Resistance Army) which could help thousands of innocent child soldiers, in which he doesn’t recognize them as in the Sudanese territory.

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9 What?! on October 21st 2009, 07:09


In your previous post you have done nothing other than to give an angled opinion of the ICCs reliability. The nation of Sudan in the other hand has brought data and linked it with an warrant that validates his argument; the delegation of North Korea suggests you do the same.


PS: Please proofread your future posts for some errors, in your past, make it hard to understand...

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10 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 29th 2009, 15:28

Fellow delegates of the Security Council,
South Africa is worried with the situation in Sudan, there are more the 400,000 deaths as the UN officials convicted said. While al-Bashir only recognized 10,000 which concerns International committee. Drastic situations have to be held, in a small period of time to avoid the spread of genocide. All the non Muslim populations is suffering with jajawed's attacks and ethnic choices have to be respected.
The world cannot accept this resolution and has to prosecute al-Bashir,
Resolutions have to be accepted by the government, such as 1706 with 20,000 peace-keeping troops to help the other 7,000 from the African Union,

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11 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on October 29th 2009, 17:04

South African delegate,

A similar Resolution has been accepted by Sudanese government when it accepted the 26,000 UNAMID troops (United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur) to go in the country ensuring the security of all civilians and peacekeeping forces.

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12 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 3rd 2009, 14:18

The United States of America's resolution also indirectly deals with the Darfur Crisis, given that it seeks to reduce the small arms problem in Africa. The Darfur conflict is fueled by small arms and the great massacres and genocides are results of the great illicit trade of small arms.

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13 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 3rd 2009, 14:27

Keeping in mind there is an already existing resolution which imposes sanctions in Sudan when it comes to small arms trade, therefore making such resolution unecessary when it refers to Sudan. Plus, Sudan will obviously be against such resolution

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14 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 4th 2009, 19:09

Respectful delegates of Sudan, North Korea and the like. The discussion regarding Sudan and Darfur has gone on for far too long. Longer than any of us would like. The UK is ready to once again, with the help of the USA, the Commonwealth and similar countries offer help. if Sudan continues to refuse such aid, drastic action will need to be taken. What is happening in Darfur has long escalated beyond a matter of Sudanese Security. It is an issue of international importance. An issue which is being aggravated by the minute and if it is not stopped soon, will pose a threat to the entire world. Your government has shown its inaptidude in dealing with the issue. it is time to embrace help or face the consequences. if the delegate does not cooperate, then we'll see each other in court.

Thank you.
Her Majesty's Servant
U.K Delegate

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15 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 10th 2009, 19:58


It’s very important that the international committee realizes the importance of the issue and the number of people that are suffering and that effective measures have to be rapidly taken over this issue,
Countries that send illegal armament to the government of Sudan has to immediately stop, because all these armament given to the government are getting in wrong hands(janjawed) and killing thousands of innocent people over the region. (the US resolution is very important for all countries to start respecting the humans more then their economic achievements )
The Sudanese government has to accept al-Bashirs prosecution by the international Criminal Court, so that measures can be taken with the eligibility of the head of State, Al- Bashir has been prosecuted for genocide even thought Sudan has not agreed with organization, the UN system has to be respected.

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16 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 10th 2009, 20:22

The government of Sudan has to accept that there will never be peace in Darfur, or in any other region/nation, if UN intervention is not accepted. Sudan NEEDS to open its doors to the UN inspectioners and peacekeepers, so that the Janjaweed's illicit supply of small arms and light weapons is cut off and eliminated. Only then will we be able to end the conflict.

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17 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 11th 2009, 08:57

The delegate totally agrees but the world cannot believe in such terrorist head of state. Before the Darfur conflict can be solved with troops and inspectors, the international committee has to work together to take al-Bashir the biggest mediator between janjawed and the armament send by Russia and China out of power and accepting the prosecution of the International Criminal Court.

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18 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 11th 2009, 11:54

Fellow delegates,
It is more than important that we all come to an assent regarding such topic. It is NOT TRUE that the conflict in Darfur is genocide. Further proof is even involved in its name, since such conflict in regarded as the Darfur CRISIS, not genocide. The Egyptian delegation agrees that the arrest warrant against the Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir concerns politicization issues and should not be executed. Egypt is eager to see that the government unifies to further control the rebels in the region and end once in for all end the conflict concerning Darfur. The ICC cannot interfere at this point in a country’s sovereignty. It is the country’s obligation to support their government and take control over their area. Al-Bashir is responsible of doing so, only time has to be given.

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19 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 11th 2009, 14:04

Egyptian delegate,
Sudan welcomes Egypt's position in going against the ICC prosecution, which is biased and proofless. The prosecution will do no good to Sudan's government or to its citizens. The only effect it can have, if taken seriously, is leaving Sudan as a country ready to be taken upon by rebel groups such as the SLA or the JEM.

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20 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 11th 2009, 18:20

Delegate of
Egypt and Sudan,

It's insane that the delegate of Egypt stated that al-Bashir shouldn’t
be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court and that there were no
over the conflict, were 400,000 people died and that al-Bashir is giving
armament to the guerillas.


Obviously, the delegate of Sudan
would be against it's own president, the Sudanese nation cannot have any worst
terrorist then its own president!!

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21 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 11th 2009, 20:26

Delegate of South Africa:
While I agree with your arguments, please be careful with your words. You have just insulted the president of a nation (by calling him a terrorist). Even if it is true, and even though there is no REAL definition of "terrorist," it is still an insult.

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22 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 12th 2009, 08:39

As Russia has descused with UK before,

Try thinking of what terrorism means to the South African delegate, and from there come with presumptions like this. Although the president has been overexagerating with his control, the delegation of South Africa has to be careful with opinions, what to some are pets to others are food(Stupid example, but wtvr) You have to be carefull with what you say when all delegations can see what is being written.

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23 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 12th 2009, 13:18

The delegate was a little bit exaggerated with its comment, true that there are no definitions for terrorist, but the delegate thinks that we are getting pretty close to it.

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24 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 12th 2009, 22:21

the delegate is being a little contradictory, in the same sentence he stated that there is no certain definition of terrorist, but then again stated that "we are getting pretty close to it" saying that it is getting close to something inexistent. And adding, that in this sentence, using we makes it sound as if the South African delegation is stating that it is involved in a terrorist act. Still remaining undecided by this resolution, Russia wishes that South Africa further develop posts before submitting them, for wrong assumptions by other nations do not simplify your life.

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25 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 15th 2009, 19:21

As obvious as it might sound, the closest definition of “ terrorist” is someone who causes terror. Therefore, all the terrorists groups, homicide bombers, mean boys in the playground and eventually, genocide committers may all receive this title; however, does giving Mr.Bashir a name will change anything he is responsible for ? Honestly, what the global community should be focusing now is purely FACTS. FACTS that will lead the UN to take him to the ICC, not because he is a possible terrorist, but purely because he committed a crime against humanity, supported the North’s appeal to destroy the South (of his own nation!) and clearly was in favor of the ethnical cleansing that occurred in the country he presided.
Therefore, it not a name that will change anything the criminal Mr.Bashir is responsible for, and the world’s necessity to see him being trialed in the ICC.
The South African delegate was unfortunate in his words, but America doesn’t see this as a concern, rather another title he is apt to receive. If he is or not, doesn’t really, matter. The facts exist to prove where Mr.Bashir should be- that is, behind bars.

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