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Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees...

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26 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 15th 2009, 20:16

Let's not precipitate ourselves, delegates. It is not fair to Sudan or any other nation that we take presumptions from any facts. How can the delegate of the USA say Sudan supported the North when, actually, the government signed a peace treaty with the South in 2005 to end the civil war> The Sudanese government also provided the South with a higher position of autonomy and agreed to divide the oil revenues equally between the two regions. Please, lets only stick to the facts and overlook the situation. Sudan is willingly trying to unify its country, and the Egyptian delegation agrees with its methods to achieve such accomplishment. Lets all realize what is best for Sudan now, which does not include Omar Al-Bashir's prosecution..

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27 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 16th 2009, 21:06

Delegate of Egypt,
As convinced as the delegate seems to be about the facts presentedby the delegating of Egypt, both of them are not following real life and...the truth. First of all, the only reason why Mr. Al-Bashir signed a peace treaty was purely because the South is the oil provider in Sudan and the country needs it. Also, the Sudanese goverment gave a higher autonomy and dicided to divide the oil rvenue because it saw that this was the only way to have the oil back. If the South got these rights its only because once they felt persecuted, betrayed and receiving unfair treatment from the goverment. It is very easy, delegate of Egypt, to say the South has all these rights when not considering HOW they were able to get them in the first place. That would be by fighting with their own hands and taking the courage to go against the powerful and wealthy North and the goverment itself.
And, to cocnlude delegate, if Mr.Al-Bashir was the best for the nation, then right now there would be a topic concerning Darfur. It is simple: Al-Bashir is a committer of crimes against humanity and nothing will change that. Just like what the American delegate has stated before, this is a FACT.

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28 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 17th 2009, 08:27

The Russian Delegate is wondering wether "Luzia" will be present in our debate,
Russia believes that this is an important topic, only Russia believes that the charge on one man will not solve the problem as a whole...

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29 Re: Sudan: Darfur, rebels, refugees... on November 19th 2009, 17:14

Unfortunately this resolution was also not passed,

the USA made a VETO as their decision, for the fact that it became a little outrageous.
It seemed that this resolution was the only one that got a little out of hand, being that
an amendment was accepted giving 1,000,000,000 dollars to the Sudanese president,
to be able to spend on the country as he wishes as a type of sorry.

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