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Piracy in Somalia- An atitude has to be made!

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1Piracy in Somalia- An atitude has to be made! Empty Piracy in Somalia- An atitude has to be made! on October 20th 2009, 14:18

South Africa_Felipe

Post all your information and arguments about this issue.

2Piracy in Somalia- An atitude has to be made! Empty Pirates Are Increasing on October 20th 2009, 14:20

South Africa_Felipe

The piracy in Somalia has increased and has more than doubled this year causing the terrorists to have a new source of income and makes international trades more expensive and complicated.


instead of saying to other to post arguments the south african delegate should at least give a background so that we can argue on it and give our countries opinions^^


Rwanda strongly believes that something should be done aboit the situation in Somalia. That is why the delegation of Rwanda is doing it's part

Somalia's defenseminister, Proffessor Mohaned Abdi Mohamed has requested Rwanda's aid in training qualified military personel, and there is already an undetermined number of Somali forces already undergoing training.

The delegation of Rwanda believes that the delegation of South Africa shoul research before opening the topic instead of requesting from other the information you should already have


delegates, these backgrounds are going to be provided by the chairs as soon as possible in the topics created for specific issues. If any delegate wishes to post specific informations or overviews, they are welcomed. By the way, Nick, that's exactly what we are looking for, not only stating a position, but providing facts and arguments that prove such position, however it was not really well developed, but even so, it is a good start, let's keep it up.

South Africa_Felipe

The delagate of South Africa is really concerned that about 16,000 ships navigate the Gulf Of Aden, carrying many goods in them such as: oil from the Middle East and goods from Asia to Europe and North America, the Gulf of Aden is one of the Major trade routes in the world, it’s located in the southern gateway to the Suez Canal. We hope all countries to be with us, so that together we can come up with an effective solution for this big issue that today is causing so much damage to our world. thank you.

South Africa_Felipe

The delagate is also really cincerned that the problem of Piracy was considered middle range in a scale of 1-10 but can easily deteriorate said the author Roger Middleton, he says the problem could easily go to 7-8 and it would go to 10 if it starts to be co-opted by international terror organizations. This ranges are going to grow, and to prevent that, we need to end the piracy, taking it serious so that we can be successful.


"Frequent pirate attacks in Somalia have been
threatening commercial shipping and fishing and impeding the
delivery of humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands
of Somalis
. The World Food Programme (WFP) and the International
Maritime Organization (IMO) jointly issued an appeal in July
2007 for action to halt piracy off the coast of the country.
Both UN agencies have been pushing the UN Security Council
to ask the "Transitional Federal Government of Somalia to help
tackle the problem."
Somalia has suffered ongoing crises of drought, floods, wars
and instability for many years.
Conditions for Somalis and refugees
and internally displaced persons in the region have been being
worsened by current rising inflation rates, predictions of major
crop failures and rising violence."

Obs. When writing your operative clauses think also about effective measures to improve humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of Somalis.



Brasil supports South Africas resolution, since the Gulf of Aden is where many of our ethanol is transported and distributed to Asian, African, and European countries.

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