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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Posts of the Week

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1Posts of the Week Empty Posts of the Week on October 22nd 2009, 17:03


Delegates, as many of you know, Chiara and I will be selecting one post every three weeks as the "Post of the Week", as a way of encouraging all of you to expose thoughtful insights. For the first three weeks, we would like to congratulate the delegate of Venezuela, Vanessa, for proving that she is getting prepared and is into the game!

This was the winning post:

" So the delegate of Colombia is saying that Colombia has no intension to invade Venezuela; the same way Colombia stated that there is no connections between Uribe and the coup in Honduras, and that Colombia defends Zelaya's government.

Well, the delegate of Venezuela find it quite interesting Colombia's action and plans in relationship with Colombia's sayings. So why did Uribe had a PRIVATE meeting ALONE with Hondura's coup leader and had NO press release about it after all?

Anyways, the delegation of Venezuela would like to take note of this facts:
1. Colombia said, in the past, that it had no intensions of invading Ecuador. However, it unexpectedly, immoraly and unrespetfully crossed Ecuador/Colombia's border threating the lives of innocent citizens in Ecaudorian nation.
2. The bases are plan to be place in Venezuela/Colombia's border.
3. Colombia is already the third-largest recipient of U.S. military funds
4. a) Colombia has received nearly six billion dollars in military aid from the United States since 1999
b) And before that there was 13 billion dollars aid from US to Colombia
5. The hundred american non-peacekeeping soilders that are serving in Colombia, currently

Sorry delegate of Colombia, but what Colombia has stated is proven to be irrelevant by Colombia itself. Since oil reserves were discovered in Venezuela, US has been targeting Venezuela; and interfering in Colombia was one of the quickest and easiest way the US found to attack Venezuela. Colombia is not trusthworhty; the arms deal between Russia and Venezuela were unfortunatly necessary and so was the arm deal between Brasil and France, Ecuador and Brazil and Israel, Bolivia and Russia. Yes, the delegate of Colombia might have noticed that most nations within the American caucus and the world choose to be against US military bases in Colombia. The 12 South American nations have spent over 51 billion dollars in military aids to protects it borders because of US' intervention in Colombia; so delegate, don't blame Venezuela, Venezuela was one of ALL South American nations that chose to protect their innocent citizens from Colombia (obviously meaning, US).

Here are message from Russia and SA's leaders to Colombia and US:
Chavez - "You can establish 70,000 Yankee bases surrounding Venezuela, but you aren't going to beat the Bolivarian Revolution!" Chavez declared this week.

Evo Moralez - "If the United States doesn't want to sell to us, there's China or Russia," Bolivia's Evo Morales said while celebrating the Russian credit line this month.

Celso Amorim - "We have a problem that can't be swept under the rug," Brazil's foreign minister Celso Amorim said last week.

Leonid Goluveb - "We are prepared to satisfy whatever need the Bolivian armed forces have for military weapons," Russian ambassador Leonid Goluveb assured him.

Falconi - "The region does not want to find itself in an arms race," Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Falconi said ahead of the meeting.

Maduro (Venezuelan Foreign Minister -"How can the secretary of state say Venezuela is involved in an arms race when it is her country installing seven military bases?" Maduro asked, saying Clinton's words "have no political or moral basis."

We are anxious to see who will be the next winner! Keep it up guys!

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