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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Student Guide

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1Student Guide Empty Student Guide on September 10th 2009, 21:45


- Arab militia and pro-government militia accused of ethnic cleasing against non-Arabs.
- Darfur conflict
- President Omar al-Bashir accused by the International Criminal Court of charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity
- Refugees

- Connection between civil war and uncontrolled diamond trade
- Unita leaders
- Rebuild infrastructure
- Disarm large amount of civilians
- Resettling refugees who escaped from the fighting

- Seizure of white-owned commercial farms
- Land reform program
- Collapse of agricultural economy
- Very, very high inflation
- Food and Fuel shortages
- Slum demolition in 2005
- Robert Mugabe considered Dictator
- Power sharing deal

- fighting between warlords
- Famine and diseases
- No effective central government
- Piracy

Burkina Faso:
- Smuggling of diamonds by rebels in Sierra Leone
- Backing rebels in Ivory Coast

DR Congo:
- Recover from 5-year war
- Civil War
- Hutu militia in east DRC.
- Hosts the largest peacekeeping mission
- Militia violence in Eastern DRC

- Undeveloped oil and gas reserves
- Participated in attacks against Europe

Sierra Leone:
- Civil War
- Poverty and Unemployment
- blood diamonds

South Africa:
- Violent attacks against immigrants
- Land Redistribution

- Communal Rivalry
- Separatist aspirations
- Islamic laws caused Christains to migrate
- Stolen oil; violence and corruption in Niger Delta

- Genocide
- Poverty

- Drought and Famine
- Poverty
- Troops helped oust Islmatist in Somalia
- Border tensions

- Presidential elections caused widespread unrest
- Violent political crisis
- Corruption
- Power-sharing deal

- Internal conflict
- Arab Muslim vs. Christian and animist
- Armed rebellion by Sudanese groups
- Refugees from Sudan and Central African Republic
- Backing rebels

- Civil War
- Military vs. Islamists
- Rebel activities in 2006
- Tension between Algeria and Morocco over Western Sahara

2Student Guide Empty Re: Student Guide on September 24th 2009, 09:04


I know that Omar al-Bashir is in the ICC and the delegate of Sudan would like to make a resolution about eradicating completely this organization.uhu^^

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