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SalMUN 2009

This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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FINAL LIST OF TOPICS (if you find any mistake contact me)

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South Korea (Alana Cavalcanti and Marina Oliveira) - Closing all nuclear proliferation facilities in North Korea

Australia (Gabriella Freeman and Victor França) - Expand and reinforce swine flu aid in the Asian territory

Myanmar (Thais Almeida and Leticia Bezerra) - Eradicating economic sanctions in Myanmar

Pakistan (Kris Rego and Diego Hernandez) - Solving the Kashmir territory dispute

Japan (Rafael Rios and Prosper Cumps-Ruelle) - Increasing natural disasters assistance regarding earthquakes and tsunamis in Asia

North Korea (Catie Nagel, Adriano Mattos and Tyler Simpson) - Abolishing the NPT and creating a more effective nuclear-related treaty

China (Antonio Velloso and Daniel Horta) - North korea

Afghanistan (Ricardo Fiore and Valdeir Batista) - Finding solutions to
terrorism in Asia

India (Victor Lindoso and Luiz Lira) - 1) Ending conflict in Kashmir
2) Combatting international terrorism


USA (Mana Goldenstein and Leo Mathias) – Eradication of Venezuelan-Russian treaty on Nuclear Powers

Venezuela (Vanessa Heeger and Isabella Arigoni) – Returning Manoel Zelaya to Honduras’s presidency

Chile (Tiago and Alvaro Lopez) – Global warming make a new protocol

Argentina (Papito and Marcos Moussalem) – Abolish of drug trafficking

Colombia (Andrea Venciana and Gabriella Goldenstein) – US military bases

Brazil (Rodrigo Lomanto and Gabriel Lourenço) – Ethanol

Honduras (Paulo Tavares and Victor Codeceira) - Crisis in Honduras

Mexico (Daniel Sieh and Andrea Ramirez) – Cuban Embargo

Cuba (Luis Otavio Bochner and Eric Freiman) - Lifting the Cuban embargo and Reestablishing Healthy Diplomacy with the USA

Security Council

Russia (Jaap Blom) - Establishing a protocol for missile defense systems In Europe, without USA influence

USA (Lucas Bezerra) – Controlling small arms trade in Africa

South Africa (Rodrigo Oliveira) - Effective measures to insure stability in Uganda, DR Congo (by prosecuting Joseph Kolny)

North Korea (Paulo Carvalho) – Requesting a monetary and supply incentive to dismantle its nuclear weapons

South Korea (Andrea Morales) – Eliminating North Korea’s nuclear weapons program through multilateral diplomatic means

Israel (Amanda Kenner) – Measures to counter international terrorism

Egypt (Victoria Leal) – Convicting Israel of war crimes for the latest Gaza Strip intrusion (2008-2009)

Pakistan (Chico Nigro) – Stabilizing the Pakistani-Afghan border

Sudan (Leo Biglia) – minimizing the casualties under taken by the Darfur Crisis and the Janjaweed militants

France (Juracy Magalhães) – Responsability to Protect

Iran (Rheno Formiga) - Security Council: Accountability of Israel in
regards to War Crimes in Latest Gaza Strip Incursion

Venezuela (Hugo Pontes) - Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

Somalia (Joao Mauricio Vasconcelos) - Effective measures to stop
illicit small arms trade in Africa

UK (Guilherme Bairdi)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

China (Eduardo Cunha Lima) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Special Committee

USA (Luzia Sento-Sé) - Effective measures to assure the Palestine Right of Return and a plausible solution to the creation of a Palestinian State.

Chad (Taty Batista) - Improvement of refugee camps in Chad, development of humanitarian aid for Darfur refugees and a peaceful resolution between militias and Chadian and Sudanese civilians.

Israel (Andrea Kenner) - Solving the Israeli-Palestinian crisis by creating a two soverign states and aiding Palestine while the state develops.

Congo (Jasmine Howard) - Effective measures of resolving the crisis of the displaced Congolese through humanitarian help and support for civilians facing forms of human rights violations.

Sudan (Julia Souza) - Effective measures on improving the Darfur refugees conditions while subsequently finding a lasting solution to the Darfur situation.

Palestinian Authority (Ana Nigro) - Creation of a Palestinian State and ensuring the Palestinian Right Return

UK (Nicholas Taylor)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Iran (Djalma Melo) - Creation of a Palestinian State

Middle East

Israel (Roberta Carvalho and Alessandra Silveira) - Creating a Palestinian State under the principals of the Camp David Summit in 2000

Syria (Rafael Knittel and Nevo Mantel) - Regaining possession of the Golan Heights which are currently under Israeli control

Qatar (Rafaela Presidio and Alexa Baumbach) - Acting as a mediator in the Yemen Civil War caused by politic conflicts during the Cold War in the 1960's

Egypt (Leticia Mathias, Guilherme Vecchi and Etienne Pfister) - Effective measures to prevent arms smuggling through the Gaza Strip

U.A.E (Mohammad Abbas and Nilo Lisboa) - Take an affirmative action towards stopping Human Trafficking in the Middle East

Lebanon (Liz Costa and Stephanie Mattos) - Effective measures to end illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the Israeli separation wall and resolve and Gaza crossing for reconstruction

Iraq (Thales Quadros and Thiago Vecchi) - Clarifying and enforcing Iran's nuclear program for peaceful means

Iran (Rafael Lessa and Rafael Duarte) - 1) Effective measures to end illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank
2) Yemen Civil War

Yemen (Nina Orlandi and Tatiana Gaspar) - The Yemen Civil War and the Subsequent Problems with Recurring Displacement of Refugees

Palestinian Authority (Arturo Cardoni and Jose Horbas) - 1) Effective measures to end illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the Israeli separation wall and resolve the Gaza crossing and reconstruction
2) Yemen Civil War


Chad (Leticia Sarmento and Sarah Struijk) - Relocation program for Chad refugees and victims of the Darfur Conflict

South Africa (Mario Silva and Felipe Coelho) – Measures to diminish piracy in Somalia

Sudan (Cedric Ravache and Bruno Alves) – Eradication of the ICC

Kenya (Bia Silveira and Wan Len) – Restoring political situation in Zimbabwe

Rwanda (Willy Silva and Nick Martino) – Measures to diminish effects of Rwandan genocide

DRC (Sau Wai) – Civil War

Nigeria (Juliana Salerno and Maria Costa) - 1) Stopping blood diamond trade in Africa
2) Piracy in Somalia

Somalia (Luis Costa and Bruno Lamberts) - Piracy

Zimbabwe (Carole Terrase and Lorraine Campos) – Political Situation in Zimbabwe


France (John and Duda Vasconcelos) - Alternative Energies

Russia (Max Gonzales and Alexandre Chalub) - Creating a new Gas agreement for European Nations

Spain (Gaelle Pfister and Ana Siller) - Terrorism in Spain (ETA)

Italy (Maria Pessoas and Manu Barros) - Economic Crisis and Millenium Goals

Germany (Marcelo Araújo and Michael Fett) - Immigration Policies

Ukraine (Lucas Biolchini and Juliana Volpini) - Gas

UK (Nicholas Taylor and Sofie Saboia)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Turkey (Lucas Amaral and Bernardo Costa) - The Entry of Turkey into the European Union with Immigration Policy Restrictions

Poland (Vanessa Uriza and Adriana Moore) – Missile Shield

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