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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Regional Caucus Agenda

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1Regional Caucus Agenda Empty Regional Caucus Agenda November 16th 2009, 15:42




Day 1
Russia - Question of new gas agreement
Germany - Question of immigration policies
Poland - Question of
Italy - Question of Economic crisis and millenium goals

Day 2
France - Question of alternative energies
Spain - Question of Terrorism in Spain (ETA)
Ukraine - Question of


Day 1

Venezuela - Question of returning Manuel to Honduras’s Presidency
Honduras - Crises in Honduras
USA - Eradication of Venezuelan-Russian treaty on Nuclear Power
Colombia - American military bases

Brazil - Ethanol

Day 2

Chile - Global Warming, make a new protocol
Mexico - Cuban Embargo
Cuba - Lifting the Cuban embargo and reestablishing healthy diplomacy with the USA

Argentina – Abolish drug trafficking
Turkey - Question of
UK - Question of

Security Council

Day 1

NK - Question of monetary supply to dismantle nuclear weapons
SK - Question of NK's nuclear weapons program
USA - Question of small arms trade in Africa
South Africa - Question of bringing stability in Uganda, DR Congo

Day 2
Russia - Question of missile defense system in Europe without USA influence
Sudan - Question of Darfur Crisis casualties
Israel - Question of counter-terrorism
France - Question of Responsability to Protect
Egypt - Question of Israeli war crimes in Gaza
Pakistan - Question of stabilizing Pakistani-Afghan border

Day 1
Congo - Question of Congo Civil War
Chad - Question of Chad Refugees
South Africa (possible merdging with nigeria and somalia) - Question of Piracy in Somalia
Day 2
Rwanda - Question of Genocide in Rwanda
Sudan - Question of Eradication of the ICC
Kenya (possible merging with Zimbabwe) - Question of Political situation in Zimbabwe
Nigeria again - Question of Blood Diamond Trades

Middle East
Day 11) Qatar (Rafaela Presidio and Alexa Baumbach) - Acting as a mediator in the Yemen Civil War caused by politic conflicts during the Cold War in the 1960's
2) Israel (Roberta Carvalho and Alessandra Silveira) - Creating a Palestinian State under the principals of the Camp David Summit in 2000
3) Egypt (Leticia Mathias, Guilherme Vecchi and Etienne Pfister) - Effective measures to prevent arms smuggling through the Gaza Strip

Day 2

4)Lebanon (Liz Costa and Stephanie Mattos) - Effective measures to end illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the Israeli separation wall and resolve and Gaza crossing for reconstruction
5)Iraq (Thales Quadros and Thiago Vecchi) - Clarifying and enforcing Iran's nuclear program for peaceful means
6)Syria (Rafael Knittel and Nevo Mantel) - Regaining possession of the Golan Heights which are currently under Israeli control
7)U.A.E (Mohammad Abbas and Nilo Lisboa) - Take an affirmative action towards stopping Human Trafficking in the Middle East
Agenda - UNHCR

1.) CHAD: Improvement of refugee camps in Chad, development of humanitarian aid for Darfur refugees and a peaceful resolution between militias and Chadian and Sudanese civilians.

2.) ISRAEL: Solving the Israeli-Palestinian crisis by creating a two sovereign states and aiding Palestine while the state develops.

3.) CONGO: Effective measures of resolving the crisis of the displaced Congolese through humanitarian help and support for civilians facing forms of human rights violations.

4.) SUDAN: Effective measures on improving the Darfur refugees’ conditions while subsequently finding a lasting solution to the Darfur situation.

5.) PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY: Creation of a Palestinian State and ensuring the Palestinian Right Return

6.) USA: Effective measures to assure the Palestine Right of Return and a plausible solution to the creation of a Palestinian State.

7.) IRAN: Creation of a Palestinian State

8.) UK: Question of

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