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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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To Keep in Mind

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1To Keep in Mind Empty To Keep in Mind on September 20th 2009, 17:13


Delegates of the American Caucus,
For those of you who are experts on the time-consuming MUN preparation, it would be rather superfluous to remind you about the importance of historical and current events awareness. Nonetheless it is a valid information to all the newcomers, who I'm hoping to see in action and kicking some...

Fellow Newcomers,
Yes, historical background is more than necessary.
At any second, a country's delegation may ask about previous treaties, acts and resolutions. You should know all these in order to be well prepared for discussion. It is not only a question of answering “yes, the delegate is aware”. It is a question of knowing what was proposed, for what interest, who was involved, who obeyed and if it was indeed efficient. It might sound complex to answer all of these questions, but don't freak out. All the answers can be easily found in one detailed page on the history of the conflict.

After the historical research, comes the most entertaining part of the work: keeping an eye on current events (Google Alerts, BBC and CNN are good update sources). Focus on your country's diplomatic relations with all the nations both in and out of caucus. Your country's diplomatic relations with some other nation outside of the American caucus may be decisively determinant. (See effects of USSR influence on Cuba, and how it shaped relations with the USA)

For the Wikipedia fans, please make sure that you are not using this website as your milestone. Keep in mind that Wiki information can be edited by anyone. The MUN Leadership Team is not trying to make your life harder but instead just making sure that you will not get people angry or perhaps laughing at your face for stating wrong information in caucus and/or General Assembly.

Something else to keep in mind: do not be afraid to talk. If you happen to not be aware of something, do not freak out: it happens. Lying however, will only ruin your delegation's legitimacy.

Any questions, come talk to me at recess, lunch, or anytime you see me around.
Off line messages are also an option.


2To Keep in Mind Empty Re: To Keep in Mind on October 2nd 2009, 00:49


Delegates as Kiki says the history of the country is very important, I found some sites that may be helpful to get to know the history of your country in the UN. These sites are helping me, I hope they do so for you.






Site where you can find any country you want:

3To Keep in Mind Empty Re: To Keep in Mind on October 2nd 2009, 06:34


Thank you delegate, that was really helpful.
One more useful site is the Council on Foreign Relations, www.cfr.rg
It is very helpful! (at the top right-hand corner you will find a search key. Just type your country's name in there.)

In addition to the ones mentioned above, keep in mind that countries have a Ministry if Foreign Affairs on-line page. (just type it up in google plus name of your country)
In the ministry of Foreign affairs you will find:
- Announcements (current events)
- Foreign Policy
- Economic Affairs
- Regional Affairs
- Important Speeches (necessary to understand exactly the countries' position – feel free to mention these speeches in order to gain credibility and to back up your persuasive speeches, points of information, etc.)

4To Keep in Mind Empty Re: To Keep in Mind on October 2nd 2009, 06:48


Fellow delegates, one more thing.
Hopefully all of you know about the weekly homework.
- You are expected to make At Least two posts per week.
These posts will be graded, so I suggest you take some time to really think about them before you post.
Things like “hey, come 2 my house to work on MUN this weekend” will not be considered.
- Posts are Per Delegate (individual)
Feel free to take the delegate of Colombia as your role model Very Happy
Any questions come talk to me.

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