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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Student Guide

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1Student Guide Empty Student Guide on September 25th 2009, 11:33


These are some important aspects all of you delegates must consider while researching about your country and the topics to be addressed in our committee. Even though the points are in reference to a particular country, you are required to research on every country’s position on each topic regardless of what country you are representing – by doing so you will be automatically getting familiarized with all of the issues instead of only focusing on the one your delegation plays a greater role. In other words, even though the Chadian delegate must know everything about the Darfur crisis, he/she should also be able to lead discussions that approach Palestinians’ Right of Return and the Humanitarian Crisis in Congo. Considering this and as you might have noticed, even though some countries have smaller lists this DOES NOT MEAN they have less things to research!

P.S: Don’t stress out! We still have enough time to get together and discuss where your country stands in relation to each issue.


• Historical process of the DRC (since 1971)
• Mobutu’s connection with U.S. during Cold War
• Ethnic cleansing of Tutsis in eastern Congo
• Laurent-Desire Kabila and the AFDL
• Ugandan and Rwandan invasion of the DRC (MLC and RCD)
• Establishment and functions of the MONUC
• Peace accords of 2003
• Kivu conflict
• FDLR and Rwanda’s support for RCD
• Goma conference on peace


• Chad’s Independence from France under Fraçois Tombalbaye
• Muslims’ instigation of civil war in 1965
• GUNT and Lybian intervention in 1980
• Battles of N’Djamena
• Chadian Civil War (2005 until now); divergence between the government’s army and rebel groups
• Formation of UFDC – United Front for Democratic Change (rebel groups united against Déby)
• Tripoli Agreement 2006
• Ethnic violence in eastern Chad
• Sudan’s Independence from Britain
• Sudanese Civil War in 1955 – 1972
• British establishment of subdivisions between 10th and 8th parallels (1924)
• Adis Ababa Agreement of 1972
• Nimeiry’s violation of Adis Ababa Agreement (1983)
• 1983 Civil War
• Establishment of Sharia Law
• Guinea Worm Ceasefire
• SPLA’s refusal to accept Al Sadig Umma as Sudanese president
• 1989 coup – Omar Al-Bashir and Hassan Al Turabi
• Riek Mashar and 1989-1994 campaign
• Nairobi Comprehensive peace agreement
• United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
• Darfur Peace Agreement
• Janjaweed Militia
• Omar Al-Bashir to be trialed by the ICC
• China and Russia potentially fuelling war in Darfur by selling weapons
• Arms embargo in Sudan (2005) SC resolution


• British Mandate of Palestine (1971 – 1948)
• Balfour Declaration of 1917
• San Remo conference
• UN Partition Plan for Palestine – Resolution 181
• 1947-148 Civil War in Palestine
• Anglo American Committee of Inquiry


• Refugees from Afghanistan, Tehran and other neighboring nations
• Iranian relationships with PLO and PA
• 1979 revolution in Iran
• Iranian threats upon Israel, and supposed alliance with Hamas


• Current and historical information about the Hamas and the Fatah relationships and agreements
• The divisions of Areas “A, B and C” in the Israeli-Palestinian territory
• The Six Day War and the occupation of Sanai and Gaza
• The threats and bombings from the Hamas towards the State of Israel
• Israel’s continuous aid to Palestinian population: basic medical needs, water, electricity, food, etc.
• Palestinian “terrorism” against Israel
• Israel’s recognition of “right to exist”
• Geography and early history of Israel and Palestine

Palestinian Authority

• Current and historical information about the Hamas and the Fatah relationships and agreements
• The divisions of Areas “A, B and C” in the Israeli-Palestinian territory
• Resolution 194
• The Oslo Accords of 1993, agreement of “mutual recognition”
• The Six Day War and the occupation of the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza
• US, Russia’s UN’s and EU’s attempts on building a Palestinian State, and Israel’s refusal
• The Illegalization of the Israeli Separation Wall and its risks towards the fragmentation of the population, the right property ownership and the hard access of Palestinian Jerusalemites into Israel
• Water reservoirs in Palestinian territory in which Israel makes use of
• 1948 Palestine War
• Palestinians’ Right of Return


• The United States Congress and its role in supporting Israel
• The NATO and US’s non-NATO allies
• How US’s economic and military assistance reflect upon Israeli-Palestinian situation
• Post World War II and Cold War; connections to Iran
• 1979 Iranian Revolution; USA’s involvement
• Diplomatic Relations between US and Congo and the Congolese-Marxist period
• Effectiveness of US aid to Congolese humanitarian crisis

2Student Guide Empty Re: Student Guide on October 18th 2009, 10:34


To Chairperson Luisa,

Thank you for these various guidelines on the topics which are to be discussed. Could the chair please inform the delegate of Congo on when first-draft resolutions for the UNHCR are due?

3Student Guide Empty Re: Student Guide on October 18th 2009, 20:59


Could the Chair or even the Congo delegate please provide the Sudanese delegate with some good sources of a good overview of the Humanitarian Crisis in Congo?

Thank you!

4Student Guide Empty Re: Student Guide on October 19th 2009, 13:41


Delegates, don´t forget that your information has to come from valid sources and this does not include Wikipedia! However, you may take a look at it to increase your knowlegde and information, but please make sure to be checking up with relevant sites, books and magazines.
These include:
* (if you still haven´t registered, please do so, this information site will give you different opinions on the same topic)
* ( this will be one of the most useful, keep in mind to look up for past resolutions! They might guide you with the best references)

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