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North Korea's nuclear threat!

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151North Korea's nuclear threat! - Page 7 Empty Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on November 16th 2009, 17:51



Although there may be strong evidence to support North Korea's violation of the NPT it has not been proven nor stated by any govenrment official from North Korea.

Could the Israeli Delegate please restate, in short and abbriviated text why North Korea is making a threat?

Actually, in the minds of the North Korean Delegation, the situations between Israel only seem different in two aspects. Media, and the fact that no country seems to be blatantly and immediately threatening Israel. Other than that, both countries are building up their nuclear arsenals, and both have very different view of the Western style of government. Wouldn't the Delegate agree?

Lastly, it seems as though the Delegate of Israel may have forgotten to answer the Delegate's question. Delegate, how is it that Israel is defending the NPT and politically attacking North Korea concerning the violation of the NPT when Israel itself has yet to sign the NPT?

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

152North Korea's nuclear threat! - Page 7 Empty Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on November 17th 2009, 14:28


Delegate of South Korea,

Even if the bombs were used to end the war quicker, was the delegate aware of the number of CIVILIAN lives that were lost?? You can't replace a life and you can't rebuild a city to the way it was before. The bombs were a unecessary use of military force and the decision never should have been made to utilize there power.

153North Korea's nuclear threat! - Page 7 Empty Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on November 17th 2009, 17:43


dear delegate of North Korea...
this was the quote i showed you "announcing its intention to withdraw from the NPT after U.S. officials said that Pyongyang had admitted to efforts to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons. Soon thereafter, North Korea kicked out International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors who had been monitoring its nuclear reactors and associated fuel-cycle facilities in Yongbyon to ensure that plutonium was not diverted to weapons purposes."
under what circumstances would you think that North Korea would admit to violating a treaty? please show me somewhere that states North Korean denial of violating the treaty. that is hardly the question here though.
North Korea is making a threat becuase it's "testing" it's nuclear weapons in response to sanctions, and declared that compliance to reso 1874 (for example) and searched their ships would be cause for war.
i do believe that No one is blatantly threatening North Korea,
HOWEVER, I do believe that the delegate has been misinformed about the ongoings in israel. Just so you know, The country of Israel has been in ongoing conflict with the palestinian nation, ruled by a terrorist extremist governement that will only settle for ALL of israel. Until then, my country will not see peace, but still, my country has not declared they would use nuclear weapons in any case, EVEN though thousands of israelis have died. and not only that, but the country of Israel has faced wars litterally ever since it was declared a jewish state and is threatened by all the surrounding Arab countries who choose to support it's allying Arab nation, even though they are terrorists.
Israel is not a nuclear threat to ANY country, has never threatened any other country with nuclear war or attack, you may wish to keep imploring about Israel's "Nuclear weapons", but the delegate of Israel will only remind you that that is not what this debate is about. i will state once more that SINCE the withdrawal from the treaty they have become a threat, not through having nuclear power alone, but by nuclear testing, provocative nuclear power showing, and causing increasingly high tensions, and threats (stated above) all around the international community
thank you all for the informative debate and good luck to you all tomorrow North Korea's nuclear threat! - Page 7 Icon_wink

154North Korea's nuclear threat! - Page 7 Empty Re: North Korea's nuclear threat! on November 18th 2009, 19:03


The North Korean Delegation would like to inform all that further discussion of this specific topic by North Korea will be from this point on continued ONLY in the actual MUN Debate.

Thank you Delegates for input and practice before the real thing.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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