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Swine flu in Asia

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51Swine flu in Asia - Page 3 Empty Re: Swine flu in Asia on November 17th 2009, 16:48


Delegate of Australia,

Your statement is just proof of how with the great and careful guidance of our leader we have prevented such catastrophes, like the H1N1 virus from entering our country.

North Korean Delegate,
Catie Nagel

52Swine flu in Asia - Page 3 Empty Re: Swine flu in Asia on November 18th 2009, 19:00


Just so the Delegate of Australia is aware,

North Korea will not be attempting to destroy Australia in General Caucus tomorrow. However, until Australia's resolution is ammended so that the ADB (Asian Development Bank) is the one providing funds for research for a cure, North Korean CANNOT support this resolution.

See you in Caucus tomorrow! =]

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

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