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Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina.

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1 Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 4th 2009, 20:22

There is no more time for delays; the situation in Argentina has reached a critical stage. Cocaine has created a violence never seen before, and has already destroyed thousands of lives in Argentina. This drug cycle will only get bigger if we, who have th power, don’t do something about it. Due to that Argentina is asking for International support sending troops to help in supervising and making sure this cycle proceeds. Furthermore, Argentina is also asking for NGOs' cooperation.
Argentina would also like to encourage other countries to give suggestions and comments

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2 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 13th 2009, 18:11

sending troops is not an option, repression never worked. One of the solutions can be the legalization of drugs and educate the people

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3 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 17th 2009, 15:35

Fellow delegates,
As we all know, there is a clear distinction between soft and hard drugs.

- Soft drugs are usually not physically addictive and carry less risk of overdose and health threats. The term usually applies to marijuana, which can produce psychological dependence, but is less addictive than caffeine.
- Hard drugs include morphine, heroin, cocaine, barbiturates and amphetamines. These drugs are generally physically and psychologically addictive, easier to overdose on, pose serious health and social risks and lead to death.

Keeping this in mind:
- Should Argentina run the risk of “educating” its population in relation to a drug that leads to death?
- What about campaigns on soft drugs and an eventual legalization?
- Are there any countries which managed to implement a successful drug policy?
- If yes, with what measures did they use?
- If not, what could be changes on oder to successfully apply these measures to America?
- What about countries which proposed decriminalization?
- What does USA, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia have to say about the issue?

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4 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 17th 2009, 17:12

Theoretically, delegate of Chile, the idea of the legalization of drugs looks perfect, as if it would work instantly. But, if you look at it realistically, you're able to see that it's not as simple as it may sound. Although the violence surrounding the drug trafficking could decrease, the population would need the proper education of how to use these drugs in a non-dangerous way, so that drug-abuse wouldn't turn into a major issue inside Argentina. The delegation of USA believes that if the legalization of drugs is what the delegates of Argentina are using as a solution to their issue, they might as well come up with certain measures that wouldn't bring up worse issues to the country.

That's all...

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5 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 17th 2009, 17:37

Venezuela position is uncertain since its not aware of Argentina's proposals. But the delegation is aware that it's legal to possess a small amount of marijuana and others soft drugs in Argentina. Venezuela might be looking further for legalizing other drugs in Argentina to prevent sending troops. As the delegate of Chile said "sending troops is not an option, repression never worked."

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6 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 17th 2009, 22:09

Fellow delegates,
Thank you for posting on this topic.
By reading the countries' position, it can be concluded that campaigns could be an option for educating the population in relation to soft drugs, which are not as dangerous.

However, what could be done in relation to the hard drugs?
Keep in mind that Argentina's original proposal is to abolish Cocaine trafficking due to its hazardous effects.

The delegations of Chile, USA and Venezuela have brought up an important factor regarding the inefficiency of repression.
What specific measures is Argentina planning to adopt in order to efficiently eradicate cocaine? What is the Argentinian opinion on the use of repression?

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7 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 19th 2009, 21:38

The delegation of Argentina completely agrees with the countries of Venezuela, Chile and USA in relation to the ineffectiveness of repression. The main Argentinian proposal is to make educational campaigns on the serious harms that cocaine causes and its eventual irreversible damages. The information divulged in these campaigns will certainly have a strong alarming effect on the population which will eventually, independently chose the right path to the abolishment of cocaine trafficking and usage. Naturally, Argentina is looking forward to have major support on the issue and welcomes international assistance and aid.

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8 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 19th 2009, 21:40

Fellow delegates,
the delegate of Argentina would also like to call the International Community's attention on another major issue that the country is facing today. Even though it will not be directly approached on the Argentinian Resolution, it should be discussed due to its eminent seriousness.

“It's incredible. Women just disappear and no one can find them,"
Argentine calls public attention to a criminal activity that affects 2.4 million people, most of them women, and rakes in some 32 billion dollars a year worldwide, according to the IOM. Argentina calls the American caucus to cooperate with this world wide crime. The researches show that the Latin American countries are more vulnerable to this because of the lack of visibility of the problem. The most affected countries are Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. According to studies by the Organization of American States (OAS), few countries in the Americas have specific laws against this crime. Those that do are Canada, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and the United States.

Argentina strongly believes that there is a correlation between the trafficking of women and cocaine since both reflect a degrading aspects that Argentina is unfortunately facing today. The delegation hopes that the American Caucus cooperates with opinions, claims or critics related to both topics so that these crimes could be finally punished and abolished. Thanks.

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9 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 19th 2009, 22:12

Hello delegates of the Americas…

Although my current country doesn’t really revolve around any of your topics…

I was the delegate of Venezuela last year and we proposed a resolution to legalize drugs

If you do decide to right about this topic here are some points you should remember:
1. Recall the prohibition of alcohol, how it failed its main purpose when it was established back in 1920… the prohibition only lead to the creation of black markets and organized crime just like the illegality of drugs.. and once alcohol was legalized there was actually a slight and gradual decrease in consumption

2. BILLIONS of dollars are spent on the War on drugs and yet the amount of consumers has not decreased, indirectly even more money is spent considering factors like crime, medical costs, treatment and prevention, lost taxes, and prison construction (in your reso you could talk about how this budget could be transferred for other things like education and infrastructure)

3. If you place high taxes on drugs, the revenues could fund drug prevention organizations and national drug educational programs to discourage young adults and teach about the dangers in consumption (the only downside to this is that there could possibly remain a black market because of the extra taxes)

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10 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 19th 2009, 22:27

The delegation of Brasil couldn't agree more to the delegation of the United States. The legalization of drugs will strongly lower the profit of drug dealers, since people will buy from not only more sources but legal sources. Violence rates will certainly drop and a lot of lives will be saved. It is true that education is necessary, but legalizing would be a great step to evolve this process against drug trafficking in Argentina. Take the Netherlands for an example, where marijuana is legalized and due to proper education the abuse of drugs is not severe and drug traficking is scarce. Nothing more!

Legalize it!

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11 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on October 20th 2009, 19:56

Indeed, Brazilian delegate, the Argentinean delegates could indeed take into consideration the current situation in the Netherlands, since it is a successful example of the legalization of drugs.

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12 Re: Abolish Cocaine Trafficking in Argentina. on November 11th 2009, 11:28

Could the any of the delegates of Argentina state its proposals and the main objective from their resolution? It seems unclear, it is not clearly stated if Argentina seeks for repression or for legalization of drugs or any other solution to this crisis. Please do so, since the conference is getting near and we as delegates need to have everything prepared.

Thank you,
Delegation of Brasil

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