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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Modes of Address

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1Modes of Address Empty Modes of Address on October 20th 2009, 22:29



Modes of Address

-All speeches should Begin: “Mr. (or Madam) Chairman, ladies and gentlemen of the house...”

-All references to other speakers should be in third person, e.g. point of information should begin with a phrase such as: “Is the speaker aware that...” and never: “Do you think...”

-Never refer to yourself in first person, remember, you are representing a delegation.

Phrases to be used:

A) Member of the house:

· Mr./ Madam chairman...

· The delegate requests the floor

· Can the delegate please have the floor?

· Point of information/ Point of order

· The delegate wishes to speak in favor/ against, this motion/ resolution/ amendment because...

· Is the speaker/ delegate aware that...

· Does the speaker not agree that...

· The speaker stated in his speech... Does (country name) not realize that...

· The delegate wants to amend the resolution by striking/ inserting/ adding the words...

· The delegate urges the house support to vote in favor of this resolution/ motion/ amendment.

· The delegate yields the floor back to the chair

B) The Chairman/woman:

· Will the house please come to order?

· The chair calls upon delegate X (the submitter) to read the resolution to the house.

· Are there any seconds?

· The chair will fix a debate time of 10 minutes for, and 10 minutes against the amendment/resolution.

· Delegate X, you have the floor

· All points are out of order until the speaker has concluded his speech.

· Please rise and state your point (of order/ information)

· Will the delegate please state his/her point in the form of a question?

· The speaker appears not to have heard/ understood your question.

· Will the delegate please repeat/ rephrase his/her question?

· Are there any further points of information to the speaker?

· Will the speaker please make his concluding remarks?

· Debate time for/against the resolution/the amendment has been exhausted. Will the speaker please yield the floor back to the chair?

· Debate time has expired.

· The chair purposes an extension of debate time by 5 minutes for, and 5 minutes against the motion.

· The debate is now closed. We will move into voting procedures.

· All points are out of order.

· The motion will now be put to the vote.

· Will all those in favor of the resolution/ amendment please raise the placards

· Will all those opposed to the resolution/ amendment please raise their placards

· Are there any abstentions?

· Will all those abstaining please raise their placards?

· The motion/ resolution/ amendment has passed by...

· The motion/resolution/ amendment did not pass by: X votes in favor, Y votes against, and Z abstentions.

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