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Missile Shield

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1Missile Shield Empty Missile Shield on November 12th 2009, 15:13


Since there is a Study guide about "Question of Polish Missile Shield" and the Poland delegation is going to bring this topic to the meeting, I feel the obligation to start a new topic at the forum for it directly affect Russia, Iran and other nation of the European Caucuss.

Please check the study guide posted by our caucuss leader and in the previous replies state your countries position.

2Missile Shield Empty Re: Missile Shield on November 12th 2009, 15:30


I really don't know what Poland is asking for but, I do believe he want's to implent the shield. So..

Straight forward to the point, USA's desire of implementing an ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missle) in Poland was part of the Bush administration, and now with Obama, he took off the plan. USA said the purpouse of implementing was to protect Europe from Iran, but it is clear that it's not only this, it is also visioned against North Korea nad Russia itself. The question is if this is another attemptive to USA increase his power and influence against Europe as he did to a huge part of the world?

Cy'a Missile Shield Alien

3Missile Shield Empty Re: Missile Shield on November 12th 2009, 22:29


Basically, the Russian delegation of the Security Council is promoting a plan, and ABM system... which will without a doubt be better for the whole European caucus, basically one of the three sites for the ABMs would be in Poland, so this resolution would directly depend on the resolution of Russia, for if it were to pass, then there is no point of having a second site in a nation as small as Poland.

4Missile Shield Empty Merging on November 14th 2009, 17:18


The nation of North Korea has experienced in first hand the devastation that the USA can bring to a state which its dogmations are not acordingly. Noting this NK, will be in favor of the resolution of Russia, acknowledging that Russia is a trustworthy nation and the only, to ever, have built an ABM system that actually worked.

5Missile Shield Empty Re: Missile Shield on November 17th 2009, 08:49


Although Russia apreciates the NK delagates statement,

this Reso is not Russian, we are talking about the fact that Poland will also be proposing a system... HAHA
Although Russia will try to be implimenting an ABM into Poland, it is highly doubtable that Poland will
be able to make a system work themselves, for three reasons.... one The size of the nation will not permit it to make such a large change in europe, two Russia is already proposing to place an ABM in Poland, why a second one?And three They do not have the capability to create an ABM system that works. Russia finds it comical, that a nation who has never experimented with an ABM will try to impliment one, why not let a larger nation that has it working impliment it for them...?

6Missile Shield Empty Re: Missile Shield on November 19th 2009, 17:06



the Security Council delegate of Russia was not able to stay throughout the whole debate, but...
seeing how the Chair (who played a member during this debate, because or else nobody had the buts to react)
reacted after the debate was over, i can say i left a good impression branded into the European Caucus...

Thank you Carlos Leitz and the resto of the delegates for a good discussion...

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