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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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1CONFERENCES! Empty CONFERENCES! on November 19th 2009, 20:24


I have absolutely no words to describe how much I am proud of you guys! Milla and I couldn't help but commenting on the amazing work all of you did yesterday and today during caucus sessions... You all participated and contributed with intelligent and well-elaborated comments, and I'm sure this was noticeable not only for us, caucus leaders, but to the evaluators, teachers, SG as well. Thank you so much for the involvement in this MUN and for making all the sessions worth "leading". I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did, and truly hope we have accomplished the ideals you had for how a Chair should be. Once again, all of you did A M A Z I N G and we are, honestly, very proud of you =)
(we will talk about how we will miss the sessions, all the motions, messages, points of information, approaches to the chair, replies, and of course, all the OUT OF ORDER laughter!)
Try to prepare as much as you can for GA tomorrow, we really encourage you to speak, and you definitely have the potential to shine tomorrow as well! The resolutions and topics are already posted on the forum, as you may have noticed.
Congratulations to North Korea's resolution which was given special authorization to be on GA! All of you know this topic very well, so we hope you come up with great replies and points of information for tomorrow.
I'll be seeing you!
Chair, Paula.

2CONFERENCES! Empty Re: CONFERENCES! on November 20th 2009, 19:59


Can I just say that I completely agree WITH EVERY WORD Paula said in the previous post? CONFERENCES! Icon_smile
I'm so so so SO proud of each and every one of you! It has been awesome to see some of you speaking in G.A. today but I want to see MORE! I'm expecting everyone to speak AT LEAST ONCE tomorrow and I know eveyone is capable of doing that! Especially because we are having a resolution from our caucus, so there are NO excuses! Tomorrow is the last day so let's show all the other delegates how amazing our Asian caucus is outside of the forum! The best of luck to all of you! I'll be paying attention and trying to help the best I can during sessions. xD
Co-chair Milla

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