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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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Study Guide

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1Study Guide Empty Study Guide on September 14th 2009, 00:59


• Kashmir territory disputes.
• Ethnic majority/minority and the ongoing conflicts (Shia Muslims)
• Religion conflicts (Muslim)
• Taliban during regime (1996-2001) and its influence in Pakistan then and today.
• Terrorism and anti-terrorism actions (War on Terror)
• North Waziristan area
• Creation of Pakistan
• Benazir Bhutto (assassinated political leader)
• Economic aspirations (the organizations they are part of: Organization of the Islamic Conference, G20 developing nations, etc)

• Creation of India
• Kashmir territory disputes
• Population growth control
• Women in India and other social issues
• Religion in India
• Cultural related issues – the strength of traditional values (caste systems, young marriages, etc)
• Rising economy

• Elections (government, parties, etc)
• Opium issues
• Terrorism (War on Terror)
• Taliban regime then and today
• Women in Afghanistan
• War in Afghanistan
• Ethnic groups and the relationship among each other (Pashtuns, Tajik, Hazara, etc)

• Economic growth
• Repercussion of WWII (on the bombs, government limitations, economic difficulties, etc)
• Sino-Japanese War (Japan’s imperialism)
• Relations with North Korea (especially its nuclear program)
• Population issues (racism)
• China and South Korea issues with Japan
• Japan relations with developing nations in Southeastern Asia

• Creation (War for independence in 1971)
• Democracy restoration in 1991
• Economic growth
• Bangladesh Liberation War
• Relations with India
• Participation in the Persian Gulf War
• Relations with China, Japan, and Muslim countries
• Gender discrimination

• Gross National Happiness (GNH)
• Transition from monarchy to democracy (2008)
• Bhutan – India relations (since India’s independence)
• Bhutanese army against anti-Indian insurgents in training camps (2003)
• Southern Bhutanese (refugees)
• Border demarcation with China issue
• Relations with Nepal (refugees)

• Muslim population
• Independence after WWII
• Democratization process
• Ethnic/population conflicts
• Communism in Indonesia
• Asian Financial Crisis (1997-1998)
• Suharto Era: New Order Administration
• 25-year military occupation
• Aceh (Free Aceh Movement, GAM) and Papua

• Sovereignty over Tibet
• Human rights violations
• The First Opium War
• The founding of “People’s Republic of China”
• China’s involvement with communism/socialism
• China’s hostage to refugees from Myanmar, North Korea, etc.
• China’s involvement in the Darfur conflict, and the selling of weapons
• Food poisoning
• Wen Jiabao
• Relation with Pariah Nations
• Tian’anmen Square Massacre
• The Long March
• War with Japan
• Korean War
• Great Leap Forward
• China and Taiwan

• Tibet’s Sovereignty
• Chinese invasion
• Buddhism, the Monks, and slavery in Tibet
• Peace treaty between Tibet and China
• Civil War
• The Manchu invasion of Tibet
• The Dalai Lama

North Korea
• Nuclear program
• Korean War
• Refugees
• Conflict with South Korea
• Yellow Sea clash

South Korea
• Sino-Japanese war
• Conflict with North Korea
• Yellow Sea clash
• UN recognition of independent South Korea after WWII
• No Gun Ri
• Relation with China and communism
• Refugees

• British wars
• BIA or Burma National Army
• Aung San
• Civil War
• Ne Win
• The government system, and dictatorship
• Aung San Suu Kyi
• 8888 Uprising
• The military system and refugees

• 1996 armed conflict
• Crisis of governance after first ceasefire
• System of government and relation to communism
• Royal Palace Massacre
• The Maoists

Chair: Paula Mascarenhas
Co-Chair: Milla Goldenstein

2Study Guide Empty Re: Study Guide on September 20th 2009, 14:43


• Creation of State (1963)
• 20th century economic boom in Southeast Asia
• Association of Southeast Asian Nations
• 13 May race riots
• Malaysia and Singapure
• Ethnic groups
• Malaysia and Indonesia

3Study Guide Empty Re: Study Guide on September 26th 2009, 18:21

Australia Victor

i'm victor from 9A, and I'd like to know if there is something about Australia

4Study Guide Empty Re: Study Guide on September 27th 2009, 21:53


Victor! Come talk to us and we will help you on your research! We will be having our first meeting this tuesday! Smile

5Study Guide Empty Re: Study Guide on September 28th 2009, 20:37


Hello everyone,

My name is Adriano Mattos and i will be representing the country of North Korea with the help of my partners Tyler and Catie. I'm new to this MUN project and I'm not sure what we are quite suppose to do yet so if anybody could help me out, it would be great.

Thank You

6Study Guide Empty Re: Study Guide on September 29th 2009, 20:37


Adriano, come talk to us! You missed your caucus meeting today so you really need to catch up with us especially because you are new!! Don't worry, everything will be allright, but we really need you to come to us so that we can help you!

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