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Gas Agreement

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1Gas Agreement Empty Gas Agreement on September 29th 2009, 18:26


The delegates of Russia propose a new gas agreement for all the European Nations since there is none so far, and has caused problems for some of our economies.

Any questions or suggestions please post.

2Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 1st 2009, 11:27


The almighty Russian Federation provide 1/4 of all the gas consumed in the European Union. That is a lot of gas, and with great power comes great responsibility. Ukraine very wisely monopolizes 80% of the Russian gas going to the European Nations. How smart is Ukraine to 'steal' from Russia most of his gas. A fact: Ukraine was not paying for gas, and diversing gas exported to EU from the pipelines. They first denied such a fact, but it was so evident that Ukraine admitted.


3Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 1st 2009, 11:41


I Think this topic will help your caucus
I see great potential in this topic, and
i hope that maybe i can find time to find
my way to your caucus during this topic...
i would love to help you win this resolution
and i am sure that if you work as hard as
you can, it will be no problem

4Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 1st 2009, 11:46


for those who are confused by this topic
here is a link that will help you understand
what happend...

I hope Ulkraine can find its way out of this one.
or better yet, i hope my country can make everybody
realize that this is a problem... Exclamation

5Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 1st 2009, 11:52


Nice Jaap.
Also if you guys want to have an even bigger picture on this there is the wikipedia site explaining evreything, from 2005 to 2009. This site is good since it has a neutral position on the topic.

6Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 9th 2009, 19:22


i would like to state that Russia is currently working with Qatar to make the largest gas company in the world. Other than that, i would also like to state that russia has 1/3 of the worlds natural gas.

7Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 16th 2009, 10:48



Observe what the Russian Federation has to say with serious attention:

Gazprom the world second biggest company, and with it, makes Russia the leading nation to produce natural gas, which by the way leaves US in second place(hehehehheeheh)

Gazprom's pipelines passes through Ukraine. To be more specific it is 80% of the companies pipelines. With this Ukraine, very wisely makes Russia sell from the at a lower price, for using their territory.

It's unfair for the rest of Europe, to buy a gas that is sold by a lower price to a certain country. Ukraine monopolizes the gas. Ukraine is a threat to the European Nations security and peace as it has demonstrted past years. Ukraine had stold the gas and made countries like YOURS a victim.

Cy'a alien

8Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 16th 2009, 10:56



It's unacceptable that a country, Ukraine, damdges entire other countries.

Some countries, including Bulgaria and Slovakia, rely almost entirely on Russian gas, pumped via Ukraine. NOT only two countries but othe 18 countries consumes Russias gas.

The damadge is: THe affected countries had to shut down industrial plants and domestic heating systems, find alternative sources of gas or change energy plants to oil. People have struggled to heat homes and schools.

EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the Europe could not allow a repeat of the gas stand-off.

Therefore Ukraine needs to cooperate with the situation otherwise the situation may repeat itself.

Cy'a alien

9Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 16th 2009, 11:10


I can see that people are intimidated by our topic,

as no one is showing any replies in the subject...
i dont want my fellow delegates of Russia European Caucus to pass their resolution easily, could someone start speaking here please?
this way everyone will be able to prepare better, and more for this debate.

10Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 19th 2009, 20:28


Delegates, please post questions and/or informations about this topic for your own good, you need to prepare for debate!!
Russia is proposing to find new pathways to send his gas to Europe, since there has been alot of problems with Ukraine over the past years, some of you might alwready know that, because they always want more money, they just stop sending our Gas to the rest of Europe and ask for a higher price to be payed so they transport our gas, this is unacceptable!! therefore Russia proposes the construction of new pipelines (some that have alwready been PROPOSED by Inogate but never were constructed) that would help on the transportation of gas to the European Nations.
Please delegates, as i stated before, ask questions or make comments!!

11Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 21st 2009, 14:02


What about France's Resolution, (I think France is proposing this) will this not create problems for This Plan...?
Renewable energy will make these gas lines have a slight problem...
maybe you should take this into consideration Gas Agreement Icon_exclaim

12Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 21st 2009, 18:53


Russia is alwready working out a form to solve this possible problem between France and Russia. But it might not be a mojor issue because France probaly knows that it might be very hard for them to make their country be moved 100% by only one tipe of energy source, especially if it is renewable energy.

13Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 21st 2009, 19:18


[size=12]I would like to tell teh delegates some facts that show the importance of the Russian gas in Europe, and how one little mistake from the Ukrainian side might be be critical.
Russia exports gas to 25 European Nations, the only major countries which it does not exports its gas to is Spain and Portugal.
Russia exports:
nearly 100% of Bosnia's gas
nearly 100% of Estonia's gas
nearly 100% of Finland's gas
nearly 100% of Macedonia's gas
nearly 100% of latvia's gas
nearly 100% of Lithuania's gas
nearly 100% of Moldova's gas
nearly 100% of Slovakias gas
97% of bulgaria's gas
89% of Hungary's gas
86% of Poland's gas
75% of the Czech Republic's gas
67% of Turkey's gas
65% of Austria's gas
40% of Romania's gas
36% of Germany's gas
27% of Italy's gas
25% of France's gas
Gas Agreement Icon_cyclops

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14Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 22nd 2009, 21:40


I would like to tell all delegates that Russia shall be taking extreme measures
against Ukraine because of what they have caused by the theft of natural gas.
this extreme measures include fines, high prices for sale of gas, low prices for
the transport of gas and the partial suspential of Ukraine's pipelines as a form
of transport to the rest of Europe.

15Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 24th 2009, 14:51

dudinha France

dudinha France
Delegate, probably the russian delegation has misinterpreted France's proposal.
What is being proposed is certainly not for a country to be 100% dependable in the various forms through which energy can be renewable. Furthermore, it would unrealistic for a country to be dependable in ONE such source of renewable energy, as has been stated by the delegate of Russia. What the delegation of France is willing to do is improve several countries' capability of developiong their own renewable resources of energy, and Russia's severe proposal towards Ukraine's issue is probably not the adequate one for such accomplishment to be achieved. Instead, the delegations shall work together with Ukraine and other european nations in order to enforce there programs for renewable energy sources.
Thank you Gas Agreement Icon_cool

16Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 25th 2009, 18:29


As Duda said the delegates of Russia may have misunderstood the proposal of France towards renewable energy sources. France doesn't want to propose only ONE but several energy sources that will help nations from the EU and from the whole world. Some of these renewable energy sources include: Wind, Solar and Geothermal.

17Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 27th 2009, 12:13


sorry delegates, i believe that i have espressed myskef in the wrong way.
I did understand your proposal, and i am in favor. All that i have stated
was that i imagine that your renwable energy source will not come in the
way of your gas agreement because it would be nearly impossible to have
the entire country of france moved by renewable energy. I support your
countries proposal and i hope that we can work together so that energy is
well used around the EU and it polutes less.
once more, im sorry for the misunderstanding Gas Agreement Icon_geek

18Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 29th 2009, 09:15


Delegates, observe one thing,
Ukraine had stolen Russia's gas that was destined to the European Union, making all of you guys affected.
Ukraine is poor and desperate with it's Naftogaz that is now in debt with Gazprom, Russia's leading company of Gas and Oil.
Ukraine admitted it stolen 1.3 million cubic meters of gas from Russia, and said it promissed to give it back, making him rolling in a debt of 1.67 billion US dollars.
Ukraine is not a balanced trutworthy country to transport Russias gas, therefore voting YES to this resolution is making a step to the whole European Natioin grow prosperous, where no more gas war will hapenned.
Cy'a Gas Agreement Alien

19Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 29th 2009, 15:41


Nothing less is to be expected from Ukraine,

Ukraine can not find their own source of economy, and so their answere is to steal.
As Chalub has said, Ukraine has already said that they have stolen. Russia will love to see
Ukraine get out of this one. What will be left for Ukraine after this resolution passes,
something Ukraine should start thinking about, for after the penalty and the actions of this
resolution are taken, i doubt this poor nation will find a way to 'survive'.

20Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 29th 2009, 18:06

dudinha France

dudinha France
Delegates lets be more pacific, yes we know that Ucraine stole gas our gas and this is in fact a wrong thing to do..... I would like to ask the Russian Delegation what did Ucraine has in their defence???? France is totally in favor of Pacific solution and punishments for Ucraine, but above all lets think twice before acting..... I would to say for the Russian Caucus Delegates that we will Co-Submit your resolution, but add that clause i said to you guys......
Thanksssssss AbraƧao

21Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on October 29th 2009, 19:07


delegate, i am already puting that clause and i believe that we are being nice enough with Ukraine, they need to learn that every action has a consequence, either bad or good (in this case, bad for them)

22Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on November 4th 2009, 11:47


What is the delegate exactly proposing and who will benefit from this?

23Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on November 4th 2009, 12:03


i am happy to see that finally other delegates are starting to have interest for our topic, thank you!
delegate, russia proposes a new gas treaty that will make the gas distribution better, easier and cheaper for all the European Nations.
this will happen by constructing new pipelines in Europe, and also by the isolation of Ukraine when it comes to gas transportation since they have been causing alot of problems in the gas transoirtation, they have stolen and stoped the gas flow to Europe. This must change! We have also prepared some consequenses for Ukraine because of all the problems they have caused so far. The only one who will not gain with the resolution is Ukraine, they will pay for all stolen gas and damage they have caused so far.
other nations like France, Italy and Germany will Benifit

24Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on November 4th 2009, 12:08


The delegation of Russia has stated that its is proposing a cheaper way to transport gas to European countries. Does the delegate intend on doing that by constructing new pipe lines? Wouldn't that cost money?
Shall the delegate of USA remind Russia of the economic crisis?
That's all Gas Agreement Lol

25Gas Agreement Empty Re: Gas Agreement on November 4th 2009, 12:12


Yes delegate, this might not sound cheaper but it actually is. The value of the amount of gas that has been stolen so far is much higher than the money that the pipeline construction is proposing. Ukraine has admited stealing over a billion of dollars of gas while we are asking for only 800 million, and remember delegate, Ukraine will only continue to steal if nothing is made against them.
i know that there is an economic crisis but, this will actually save money, just think about it longterm Gas Agreement Icon_scratch

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