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Nuclear North Korea--sources

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1Nuclear North Korea--sources Empty Nuclear North Korea--sources on October 6th 2009, 13:49


Here is a list of video and web sources for great info on North Korea's nuclear program and the issues surrounding it.

Field Trip to the DMZ
Wide Angle

This nine-minute video is about North Korean teenagers living in South Korea and the challenges that they face. The episode aired in 2009.
A State of Mind
Wide Angle

Linked on this site (about halfway down the page) are five short clips from this 2003 Wide Angle episode about life in North Korea.
Crossing Heaven’s Border
Wide Angle

This 2009 Wide Angle episode (fifty-seven minutes) is about defectors from North Korea who cross the border into China. One of the supplemental videos—“A North Korean Defector Speaks”—is particularly good and is seven minutes long.
People & Power—North Korea
Al Jazeera

This twenty-three minute video shows a day in the life of one family in North Korea. (Note: the sound quality in this video is somewhat poor.)
News Reports
North Korea: Secretive State
BBC News Special Report
This site has links to articles, slideshows, and background analysis, as well as video and audio resources on the topic.
Crisis Guide: The Korean Peninsula
Council on Foreign Relations

This highly interactive resource provides information about North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, economy, and military, as well as information about the six party countries and historical background.
North Korea: Nuclear Standoff
PBS Online NewsHour

This site has links to PBS resources on the topic including interactive maps, an historical overview, leader profiles, and articles.
Timeline: N Korea Missile Programme
Al Jazeera English

In addition to the timeline, this webpage has links to other Al Jazeera articles and video resources on the topic.

2Nuclear North Korea--sources Empty Re: Nuclear North Korea--sources on October 7th 2009, 21:35


Director Garrett,

The Delegates of North Korea thank you for these research sources. They were very helpful in discovering local points of view. North Korea will take these sources into consideration throughout this MUN session.

North Korean Delegate,
Tyler Simpson

3Nuclear North Korea--sources Empty Re: Nuclear North Korea--sources on October 11th 2009, 12:30

South Korea_Alana

South Korea_Alana
Ms. Garrett,
the delegate of South Korea also thank for the useful information given and would like to reenforce that ALL nations need to know there position on this topic since it is one of the major nuclear risks occurring in the world.

4Nuclear North Korea--sources Empty Re: Nuclear North Korea--sources on November 3rd 2009, 13:59


I found this webside very helpful. It has details about nuclear weapons(currently and in the past) in many different countries.

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