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Civil War in DRC

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1Civil War in DRC Empty Civil War in DRC on October 15th 2009, 22:49

Congo Sau Wai

Hi delegates, the African caucus is still lacking a discussion. So to start with a discussion I would like to bring up my country's topic: Civil War in Congo.

First of all I would like to introduce the delegates with some history about this conflict: The DRC has become an environment in which numerous foreign players have become involved, some within the immediate sub-region, and some from much further afield. That only serves to complicate the situation and to make peaceful resolution of the conflict that much more complex. The war, centered mainly in eastern Congo, has involved nine African nations and directly affected the lives of 50 million Congolese. ( THIS COMES FROM THE )

All of this conflict became a disaster due to foreign interventions. It not only involves DRC but also "nine African nations", which in this case should be mainly concerned about. Not only that, but it is a threat to sovereignty.It is a civil war, it regards exclusively to the habitants of that region, there for any intervention should be disregarded.

So, delegates, I would like to know about your country's position in relation to this topic and what you guys believe are the best solutions.

2Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 15th 2009, 23:08


Fellow delegate,
The American representative completely understands that a civil war regards exclusively the ones directly involved. In accordance, all countries have the right to sovereignty. On the other hand however, when an internal conflict has been exponentially escalating and no solution has been accomplished, other nations have the right to intervene. At this stage International intervention is required. It is not a question of threatening a country's sovereignty but instead a common goal of achieving peace, security and the end of human right violations. Furthermore, the American representative would like to mention that the previous International interventions were not as successful due to Congo's blockage, which limited the action of external forces. Could the delegate mention a few of the causes of the civil war in order to better comprehend the progression of the conflict?

3Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 15th 2009, 23:14

Congo Sau Wai

The groups that are involved in the Civil War are:
-The Interahamwe militia of ethnic Hutus, mostly from Rwanda, which fought the Tutsi-dominated Government of Rwanda
-Hutu members of the former Rwandan Armed Forces, believed to be responsible for the 1994 genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda, which also fought the Government of Rwanda
-The Mai Mai, a loose association of traditional Congolese local defense forces, which fought the influx of Rwandan immigrants
-The Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF), made of up Ugandan expatriates and supported by the Government of Sudan, which fought the Government of Uganda
-Several groups of Hutus from Burundi fighting the Tutsi-dominated Government of Burundi

4Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 15th 2009, 23:18


Dear Delegate,
Doesn't the delegate agree that unfortunately there are two many smaller conflicts occurring simultaneously in the country of Congo? Doesn't the delegate agree that it becomes extremely hard for a country such as Congo to solve all issues effectively and simultaneously? Doesn't the delegate further agree that Congo is neither politically nor economically capable of dealing with all the rebel groups that as a whole, lead to this never ending civil war? Fellow delegate, at this stage is becomes rather evident that Congo will not manage to overcome the civil war alone. The best way out is by allowing International interventions without any resentment.

5Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 15th 2009, 23:28

Congo Sau Wai

Fellow delegate, according to what I said before, internal issues must be resolved internally in the same way that international issues must be resolved internationally. Multilateral talks were an attempt; however the International community was able to see that all these attempts failed. To say the thruth, the only countries that could perhaps help Congo to solve its long lasting civil war, are only Sudan and Uganda, which are the ones whoch have more actively involved in the war. In conclusion the DRC's Civil war could be at the most, resolved by biletral action among Congo itself and the neighboring nations. Any extra international intervetion will be seen as an intruder.

As it is possible to observe, the civil war is occurring due to the vast ethnic diversity in the region of Congo.

Keeping this in mind, how could external pressure solve an issue regarding cultural diversity? Foreigners will not manage to understand neither achieves the theoretical standards of Congo’s disunited people.

6Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 15th 2009, 23:33

Congo Sau Wai

I totally agree to what it was asked by the American chair. All of these are useful informations to understand the difficult situation Congo is passing through. As it was said, Congo lacks political and economical strategies to deal with rebel groups. Congo needs immediate support from neighbors.

7Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 16th 2009, 21:13


Fellow delegates of the African Caucus!
Could it be that not even one of the African Nations is interested in the never ending Civil War in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Does any delegation remember the commitment to Peace and Security? The American representative at this stage strongly believes that all delegations have either lost faith in proposing and debating measures, or that all the delegations are poorly prepared. The main impression is that the delegates of the African caucus are unaware of the topic, disinterested, lacking motivation, and most importantly, lacking with respect in relation to the ones who are trying hard to make this year's MUN unforgettable. Who disagrees with this statement, please prove the contrary. Evil or Very Mad (I meant to be harsh to stimulate you guys)

8Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 19th 2009, 21:43


Sau Wai,
the following link contain inumerous recent resolutions abording the situation in congo:

9Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 20th 2009, 14:00


To my colleague, Sau Wai, and the delegates of the African Caucus,
It is necessary to recall that the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Congo today is indeed primely resultant from the Congo's civil war. The growing animosity and disobedience towards various attempts of establishing ceasfires have most definitely contributed to the deterioration of this crisis, making it more appalling by the second. There have been violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the nation, including provocation of ethnic hatred and violence by all parties to the conflict. The delegation of Congo emphasizes firm commitment to of course preserving the national sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and all other member states affected by the conflict in the region. Yes, there have been difficulties, regarding those created by recurrent hostilities, faced by humanitarian agencies in delivering assistance to a large number of refugees and internally displaced persons, yet attempts on resolving this conflict need to be increased! The current conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo comprises a threat to peace and security in the region, and therefore requires the attention and support of all. Please show some more interest on this matter delegates!

10Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 20th 2009, 20:05


The delegation of Rwanda is eager to strengthen the bond between the two countries by helping the DRC to fight the revolutionary forces.

The delegation of Rwanda also believe that it should not be excluded from the countries involved with the conflict because, the revolutionary groups are directly related to Rwanda and Rwanda has also been of assistance when batterring the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR)(this group is now located in Congo)

11Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 20th 2009, 22:37


Congo expresses its gratitude towards the delegation of Rwanda in relation to demonstrating interest in strengthening relations between the two countries. Joint efforts have actually been stepped up by both nations, given that the government of the DRC and the Government of the Republic of Rwanda signed a treaty stating these efforts in Nairobi on November 9, 2007. The Act of Engagement which emerged from the Conference for Peace, Security and Development in North and South Kivu, held in Goma from to 23 January 2008, was also taken into consideration. These engagements are definitely appropriate plans for stabilizing the situation in the eastern part of the DRC especially, so Rwanda and the DRC must continue to work in cooperation.

The delegation of Rwanda also believes that it should not be excluded from the countries involved with the conflict because, the revolutionary groups are directly related to Rwanda and Rwanda has also been of assistance when batterring the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR)(this group is now located in Congo)

Of course Rwanda should not be excluded from the countries involved in the conflict, especially since it is regrettably one of the neighboring countries suffering from harsh political, economic and humanitarian consequences of the war. The DRC recognizes Rwanda's attempt of bringing the FDLR to justice, and certainly Congo condemns the attacks carried out by the LRA in the Orientale Province. Furthermore, the continuation of hostilities by illegal armed groups in eastern regions has only resulted in chaos; the Congrès national pour la Défense du people (CNDP)carried out violent military action in past months, causing massive displacement of populations in northern regions of Congo as well as cross border movements of refugees. At this point the DRC mainly believes in the importance of supporting the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC)for plans of assistance to be enhanced.

12Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 25th 2009, 22:52


Here are some great videos and other resources on genocide, bosnia, rwanda, darfur, congo, etc. Especially worth watching is the Sudan conflict explained in 10 minutes! I showed these in my 10th grade class and we discussed them, but I thought I should share.
What is genocide? Its evolution in international law all the way to the ICC and Crimes against Humanity...

Bosnia with Christiane Amanpour
Bosnia srebrenica massacre
Bosnia Srebrenica
Bosnia Srebrenica
rwanda class video...intro to the conflict
(Where is the love? Darfur)
silence on Darfur
sudan explained in 10 min…excellent
International law…hope to do something against genocide
Never Again—anti Genocide movement footage
Don Cheadle 1800GENOCIDE and divestment campaign it Genocide? Congo and Rwanda, how they are related, etc.

13Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on October 25th 2009, 23:00

CoChairAfrica_Pedro This is a must--especially for Special Committee!!!

The site this is from, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum site, has lots of great info on genocide and crimes against humanity, ICC, Sudan, Congo, etc. Videos, interviews, timelines, articles...

14Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on November 8th 2009, 13:42

Congo Sau Wai

Delegates, these are some organizations that are already working hard to protect the people in the DRC.
One of them is the RAISE HOPE FOR CONGO which promotes solutions to protect and enpower Congo's women. Their main solutions are the promotion of peace, protection, and prevention of sexual violence and the punishment for the prepertrators. In relation to promoting peace, they believe that they should step up diplomacy and demobilize armed groups. When providing protection, they believe that they should improve UN peacekeepers' response to sexual violence, fund programs to respond to and help prevent sexual violence, neutralize the worst offenders, pass helpful legislation. As for punishing perpetrators, their main obejectives are to pursue international accountability, and make sanctions bite. Last but not least, promoting prevention should focus on reforming the security sector, restoring the rule of law, staunching resource exploitation, and investing in Congo's development

Other groups helping the Congolese people are the Congo Global Action Coalition and the U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum, who raised a conference awaring about the ongoing conflict in DRC.
"The Congo Global Action Coalition is a joint project of humanitarian, human rights, diaspora, student, environmental and faith-based organizations who advocate for the Democratic Republic of Congo and work to increase international support for peace, stability and economic justice for the Congolese people.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is a living memorial to the Holocaust, which inspires leaders and citizens to confront hatred, prevent genocide, promote human dignity, and strengthen democracy. It has been monitoring the crisis in the Congo since 2003."

15Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on November 8th 2009, 13:50

Congo Sau Wai

Delegates, these is a recent news from the BBC NEWS that proves that DRC is still in conflict, and for these reasons, the Democratic Republic of Congo's army have been using vaccination clinics to attack civilians.To get to know more about this issue, enter the link , which will provide all of you with more info!!

16Civil War in DRC Empty Re: Civil War in DRC on November 9th 2009, 17:32


Yes delegates, just to make you all aware of the INTENSITY of this conflict in the DRC, MORE uprisings between tribes in the west occurred on FRIDAY. THIS FRIDAY! These recent uprisings have resulted in the massive displacement of more than 16,000 civilians, many of which have been forced to flee from their homes to seek refuge in the ROC. Countless people are wounded and being cared for in hospitals in Brazzaville, yet the turmoil is only escalting. GENOCIDE. DEVASTATION. CHAOS. Efforts from collaborative members working for the UNHCR have been providing aid harmed civilians in the DRC and the ROC, though they face the risk of putting their own lives in jeopardy, and many have already been killed or severely wounded during conflicts between ethnic groups and tribal animosities.

AFRICA. Congo needs you. The situation cannot continue to remain unseen by the public eye. Yes, awareness has been promoted, but the world continues to look away. This awful complexity cannot continue to thrive unimpeded. It is a battle which requires the collaboration of all. Action is NEEDED. The world must not remain silent this time.

Time is limited.

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