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This forum is a lobbying place for MUN delegates to get prepared for the actual SalMUN 2009 Conference in Bahia!

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1 GENERAL ASSEMBLY AGENDA on November 19th 2009, 17:34

1) Palestinian Authority (UNHCR) – (Ana Nigro) - Creation of a Palestinian State and ensuring the Palestinian Right Return

2) USA (Americas) – (Mana Goldenstein and Leo Mathias) – Eradication of Venezuelan-Russian treaty on Nuclear Powers

3) Sudan (SC) – (Leo Biglia) – minimizing the casualties under taken by the Darfur Crisis and the Janjaweed militants

4) North Korea (Asia) –(Catie Nagel, Adriano Mattos and Tyler Simpson) - Abolishing the NPT and creating a more effective nuclear-related treaty

5) France (Europe) – (John and Duda Vasconcelos) - Alternative Energies

6) Lebanon (ME) – (Liz Costa and Stephanie Mattos) - Effective measures to end illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the Israeli separation wall and resolve and Gaza crossing for reconstruction

7) Congo (UNHCR) – (Jasmine Howard) - Effective measures of resolving the crisis of the displaced Congolese through humanitarian help and support for civilians facing forms of human rights violations.

Cool Russia (Europe) – (Max Gonzales and Alexandre Chalub) - Creating a new Gas agreement for European Nations

9) Cuba (Americas) – (Luis Otavio Bochner and Eric Freiman) - Lifting the Cuban embargo and Reestablishing Healthy Diplomacy with the USA

10) South Africa (Africa) - (Mario Silva and Felipe Coelho) – Measures to diminish piracy in Somalia

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