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Effective measures to insure security in Northern Uganda and Souther DR Congo by prosecuting Joseph Kony

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Question of: Effective measures to insure stability in Uganda, DR Congo (by prosecuting Joseph Kolny)

There is a civil war happening in northern Uganda and southern DR Congo, by the Lord's Resistance Army, which is a guerilla against the government. Joseph Kony is the leader of the LRA and works with the fear of the 2 million civilians, trapped in the area. He is responsible for human rights violations, murders, Sexual enslavement of women and children and abductions. South Africa is taking forward acts to stop this unacceptable situation.

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South Africa, here is a link to a documentary called "Invisible Children" which talks about the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda -- take a look and I am sure that you will find this as relevant as it is interesting.

The site of this founded organization is, there you can find tons of videos and information about this ongoing civil war and what has been done so far to stop Joseph Koni.

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One thing to consider is...
will the prosecution of one man
get rid of all of your problems?
You should think about this now
before it might be too late...

I think that it could be an interesting topic,
but am not sure it will be affective if the reso is passed

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Definitely, fellow South African delegate, such resolution is of great help and necessity, not only to the countries involved in the conflict, but to Africa as a continent. Although not friendly and in agreement with ICC prosecutions, the Sudanese delegation believes that any solution found, which does not intefere with national sovereignty (which includes the removal of a nation's leader) and solves the conflict, is valid and of great help, and definitely, responding to the Russian delegate's doubts, removing the leader of a guerrilla group will leave rebels with no idol or symbol to follow, soon ending the threat imposed in such African region.

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5 Not coping on October 19th 2009, 20:50

Unfortunately the delegation of North Korea will not be able to cope with this resolution as it resides on the insipid ICC for its completion. Considering the above fact, it would be in clear violation of national sovereighty which would go against the international law and common sense.

The delegate would otherwise suggest another king of aid to solve the conflict...

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Fellow North Korean delegate, for once, please try not to be extreme. Yes, coping with the ICC is a real issue with several nations of the world, since a world organizationkeeps on lacking organization and clearness. Still, amendments can be made to reorder such resolution, as for the duty of debating is reach a commonly acceptable solution.
And as for it being a violation of national sovereignty, please try to get better informed. There is a rebel group inside the nation of DR Congo, for which the government of such country has shown interest in cooperating with the International Criminal Court to hand in such criminal. The problem of such issue is actually "getting the hands" on this slippery rioter. But surely, the delegate of South Africa will surely clear his position and definitely show lucid thoughts when presenting solutions to such.
North Korea, Sudan looks forward to certain debates in Caucus, and counts ofn the nation's assistance. Wink

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Is the delegate of Russia aware that Joseph Kony works a lone on his demoniac beliefs and abducts mostly children with are easier to be brain washed by fear and terror. So yes if we take him of power the issue will end, and the resolution extends to the forward views giving education, health care and stabilization for all the civilians trapped on the region.
Sudan, if the respected countries have not worked to finish the issue, international involvement is needed. ICC is a respected court and the best to resolve the case. The international committee has to work together and finish with these terroristic acts.
North Korea doesn’t have the credibility to say about the sovereignty of countries while it has said that would thought bombs in respected and peaceful nations, and sovereignty will be respected in the resolution.

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Delegate of South Africa,
The delegate of Russia Highly doubts that one man himself causes this much 'damage'...
The delegate of russia believes that he has to have followers and people that perform
the actions, that is why Russia is questioning the prosecution of one man, Russia is not against
this resolution, just is wondering if it will solve the whole problem.

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The delegate is saying that Joseph Kony works with fear and makes the civilian believe in his demoniac ideas, so if he is prosecuted the people are going to be free of all terror and are not going to continue the massacre, and the resolution extends to prosecute any man that is favorable to Kony ideas,

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Perhaps Jaap doesn't quite understand the circumstances, so I will try to explain in simple terms: the Lord's Resistance Army follows Joseph Kony out of a "fear and respect" relation, he reincarnates evil spirits during holy cerimonies and is, thus, able to control hundreds through his "spiritual capacity." Being the leader of the LRA, yes, capturing him would absolutely decrease in drastic amounts the influence of this rebel group in the region. It's like taking away the king of an empire.

Regardless, your question is still valid. Rodrigo, you might want to consider a prosecution, in smaller scale, for those charged guilty of consciously participating in the LRA's manufacture of child monsters and spreading violence in Uganda and DR Congo. How would this be done, though? What court would trial these individuals? How can South Africa get involved? Something to think about...

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Thanks bibibibibippp

you tied up both loose ends,
showed me what the problem really is,
and also explained to him what i am trying
to say, I still find this hard to believe (Russia does)
uhahuahua, so we will see what is discussed further.

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Fellow delegates,
There were some changes in my resolution, the proportion is not only to prosecute Joseph Kony, but to facilitate the stabilization of situation over the displaces people and the child soldiers in Uganda and DR Congo,
It's important to phrase that the ICC will still prosecute Joseph Kony and all the brain washed threats for the maintenance of the terrorist group.
There will be basis and troops over the region for the safety of the villages and if Uganda and DR Congo coup with all the approaches money will be injected for their further infrastructure and economic development,

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Russia is pleased to hear, that something Russia said before was the cause of a change in the resolution, for seeing this resolution perfect, or close to so, will facilitate and smoothen the resolution when it apears in the actual 'caucus'. Can you spill any other informations about the Resolution, debating it will prepare us both.

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This resolution also did not pass...
due to a veto from some nations.

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