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Accountability of War Crimes Committed by Israel during the December 2008 to January 2009 Gaza Strip Incursion

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Greetings from the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Fellow delegates of the Security Council,

Our nation is eager to achieve in this upcoming meeting a solution to a wrong that has persisted for nearly one year. Israel's rampant violation of international law in the Gaza strip massacre it perpetrated in December 2008 to January 2009 has gone unaddressed for too long and, according to the principles of its Charter, one of the UN's many responsibilities is to maintain international peace and security through proper upholding of international law.

Israel's utter disregard for these laws has extended beyond even this situation, as nearly one month after the end of this incursion Israel violated Sudan's borders and bombed a convoy under the pretext of a preemptive attack on weapons shipments; they were civilians, 100 of them died.

Furthermore, Israel has consistently refused to comply with or even acknowledge the recommendations of the international community regarding an internal investigation of the war crimes its military force has committed, thus showing its disregard for the maintenance of peace and security.

All that prevents us from bringing those responsible to justice is a resolution by the Security Council that will refer this matter to the International Criminal Court, thus giving them jurisdiction over the situation.

I believe you may find the following report an interesting read: Goldstone Report

We must deliver the justice of man, as the justice of Allah is his own to unleash.


Welcome delegate,
"Israel was targeting Hamas armed fighters and infrastructure, ostensibly in response to the firing of homemade rockets from Gaza into Israel."
Hamas is a threat, and Israel must do what it can against this terrorist organization. please read this quote, as a response to your post, keeping in mind the above quote.

FM Livni in briefing to the diplomatic corps (8 Jan 2009): "We are acting against Hamas. We are acting against a terrorist organization. We are acting against a terrorist organization that is not willing to accept the international requirements: to accept the right of Israel to exist, to renounce violence and terrorism, and to accept former agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas does not represent any legitimate interest of the Palestinians. In a way, it took the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip hostage. And this is the reason why, while acting against Hamas, against terror, we are trying to take all the necessary steps in order to help in terms of humanitarian aid...

The Hamas are hiding among civilians. They target Israel from schools, and other locations, and while fighting back these casualties can happen, even though we try to avoid it..."


It seems the Israeli military truly has an interesting definition of "avoiding civilian casualties". Using them as human shields doesn't seem much like avoiding it. Please refer to the cases specified in the Goldstone Report I have linked in the original post.


I would like to clarify to you that Hamas has reportedly used civilains of the Gaza Strip as human sheilds and Hamas's intent on the distruction of Israel makes it hard for the delegate of Israel to sympathize with the palestinian authority. Of course, in any attempt to irradicate Hamas, accidental deaths will occur, which i can sympathize with after having acknowledge the suicide bombings and terrorist attacks committed by Palestinian extremists of Hamas which have killed thousands of Israelis. Neither nation will reach peace becuase of Hamas's extremist ideals.


Iran, good to see we have someone who agrees with Russia about Israel...
If it was not for the protection of USA, Russia thinks that Israel would have found itself with
many problems years ago... basically, Russia finds Israel to act on USA behalf, and try to imitate
USA in every way.


Whether or not that is true, russia, seems irrelevant to whether or not Israel is accountable for war crimes. It is thanks to the US that Israel has been able to fight against the terrorist organization Hamas this long.

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